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Posted On August 18, 2019

Welcome to Together Outdoor

Mountain picture of Arpiet Malpani

Hey! I am Arpiet Malpani from India. Professionally a Chartered Accountant but personally an Adventurist. I would love to share childhood stories which has grabbed my interest into adventures.

I was 8 when I went to Kullu Manali (India) with my parents. Kullu Manali is a cold place where the temperature goes down to minus. As all kids do, I not being different, made snowballs and played with my parents. I also damaged a camera with the snowball, but had a great time. This became my first memory of an outdoor trip.

Arpiet k Malpani

My second outdoor trip was with my uncle and aunt. They took me to a place called Gulmarg in India. Amazing place to visit. Again it’s a cold place. The duration when I visited temperature was -6 degrees. There is a temple of Lord Shiva in Gulmarg. The silence, the echo of peace at the temple mesmerized me, which I can feel even today when I sit for meditation. The ride to Gulmarg mountains fascinated me.

All My Marathon's Medal

My adventurous trips never stopped since then. In the year 2013, I took a real adventure step of participating in full Marathon - 42kms. of running. Getting up at midnight 3am the atmosphere, the blowing wind was peace to my mind. Just the next year, 2014, I completed my first Marathon, which boosted my spirit of going on for more adventures and I participated in five more in the time span of 3years.

With many more outdoor trips I went on many solo trips living in hostels, zostels, tents seeking an ‘RV lifestyle’.

My Mission on this site is to create a More Adventurous, Comfortable Experience in Nature on a regular basis using Camping, Running, RV lifestyle and much more

How is content being created?

      I have a qualified team of content writers who enhance the material and frame into words so that the necessary information becomes useful content for my readers. This content is not just words but researched and edited by my managerial team and finalised by me.This filtering process is done thoroughly so that it is assured that the information provided by you is correct and helpful for you to go ahead and purchase the product you intend to buy. Also me and my team visit different stores so that we have updated data.

          We also try to grab knowledge from real life experiences to provide you useful tips.also some content have been grabbed by relying on the online feedback of the customer who have used the product personally, as it becomes a little difficult to go for door to door facts.

What's is In for You ?

 Our real motivation is to built this website with best of knowledge, tips and data for the website visitors, providing them trustworthy advice which would make it easy for them to make the right choice as per their needs and requirements

Reason you should be reading and recommending “Together Outdoor”

Learning from experiences always has some useful tips. Together Outdoor will provide you such experienced information so that it is assured that the information provided by us is correct and helpful for you to go ahead and purchase the product.

Also me and my team visit different stored and places so that we have provide you the updated information which would be useful for you in order to enhance and upgrade your experience of camping and adventure.

Arpiet K Malpani

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