The Best 14 Person Tent For Large Family Groups For Camping

Posted On December 1, 2019

If you are in a rush and just want to find out what is best 14 person tent is I'd recommend to go for Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent as the best one.

Our day starts with coffee mugs and ends with being a dancing machine! In this article, we'll go through the best 14 person tent in detail.

This generation that’s leading the 21st Century is all about being social butterflies. No matter how much energy the wholesale chunk drains from us, we believe in the phrase ‘The more, the better’.

In this jammed hustle-bustle of creating ourselves and maintaining relations, we forget our raw dreams. Our dreams to measure the mountains with our feet, listening to an acoustic song while sitting near a bonfire and touching night skies with our eyes.

These are the moments we all crave for because they help us fall in love with being alive! And the activity which remained everyone’s dream in their younger days but gets pushed aside as the struggle begins checks the entire box off the list. CAMPING!

But, there’s a catch and you know the drill.


Best 14 person Tent we discuss in this Article


DISCLAIMER – Preparing camping for your huge squad won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

This disclaimer is not to scare you, but to prepare you. From arrival to departure, sleeping arrangements to camping gears and food – every little detail will need your attention.


If you are a beginner to camping, this blog will answer all your questions.

Now, let’s start by answering these questions which will help you start with the basics of how to prepare.

  • The foremost thing you need to ask is ‘when’ and ‘where’. Your delightful stay depends on the time and place that you have selected. So make sure that you research well about the best time of the year for the camping site you all want to visit.
  • Research well about the camp policies regarding pets, stay duration and kids.
  • Study about the nearby marked trails that you would like to cover.
  • Bathing facilities.
  • Very important, weather forecast.

After being clear about the nitty-gritty, let’s start with the real work!


We don’t want you to struggle while you are out there challenging your adrenaline. For safe and comfortable camping with your squad, there are few basic camping gears that you should never miss.

  • Camping tent! Accommodation for a huge group is not an issue if you are well prepared with your camping tent.
  • Depending on your camping schedule, make sure that you carry enough lighting with you. Battery-powered lanterns to hang in the tent and flashlights with extra batteries will be your knight in shining armor.
  • For a comfortable hiking trail, carrying a lightweight metal hiking stick is never a bad option.

No, they are not for reading. During your camping, it’s not always possible for you to find dry twigs to start a bonfire. So let’s be prepared beforehand and carry some tightly rolled newspapers to be on the safer side.

  • Eating and cooking utensils.
  • Don’t forget to carry one or two rolls of duct tape. This will come in handy when you will have to mend your tent or clothes urgently.
  • Your camping shouldn’t harm nature. Carry large trash bags to collect all your garbage. Convert it into a poncho and save yourself sudden rain splash.
  • First-aids is a must. DON’T FORGET!

Besides these gears, also be prepared and cautious. Camping is uncertain, so be prepared for any hazards or weather fluctuations.


Even with full information and packed camping gears, you and your squad won’t be able to enjoy the fullest if you opt for the wrong tent. Many beginners make a mistake while selecting a tent for camping. Extending our helping hand, we are listing below few tips that you should keep in mind while investing in a huge camping tent.


When you have so many people all the time going in and out of the tent, wear and tear is easy. Select high-quality material tents for preserving it for longer run. Invest in thick floors or footprint materials to save your tent from regular wear and tear caused by walk-ins of too many people.


No matter if you are traveling with a large squad or alone, a waterproof camping tent will keep you safe when there is a sudden change of environment.


Large tents will require more airflow for a comfortable stay. So while buying make sure that the tent has enough windows for better ventilation.

Likewise, one door in big tents makes it difficult to move for everyone and also weakens the tent. So, check that every room has an opening or else at least the tent provides two different openings to the campers.


It is obvious that the bigger the tent, the more time it will take to install. But still, be cautious while buying and skip the ones with complicated arrangement process.


Accommodation for your big home team can be nerve-wracking. But, as said above, we will help you till the end to make your camping experience the best.

After extensive research, we came up with the list of 5 best 14-person tents with the pros and cons, so that you can make good decisions.


Have you ever heard about a built-in hotel on the camping ground?

Well, that’s what Tahoe Gear Carson camping tent is for the campers. With three rooms each enough to fit a queen size bed leaving some space behind, it seamlessly breaks every camper’s top favorite list. TAHOE GEAR CARSON justifies comfort and privacy in every manner and offers a separate door to each room.

This 1000mm polyester body tent is built to keep you safe from any sudden weather fluctuation, be it summer or winter. The side ropes also make sure that the tent gives a tough fight to wind and rain.

Thanks to the 7 feet roof height of the camp, even the tallest person of your squad can shift around the tent without any difficulty. Creating maximum space, the tent also stretches into a screen room in the front. This gives enough space to campers to store ample gears for camping.

Maybe a little complicated to arrange but practice will make you perfect.


  • The 10mm thick polyester tent stands tall during harsh weathers and keeps you safe and sound
  • The 7ft roof height makes it easier for taller persons to shift around the tent
  • Separate 3 rooms where each can fit a queen size air mattress
  • Screen room in the front makes enough space for extra gears and baggage
  • Separate D-shaped doors from each room make it easy to move


  • Rainfly that covers the main tent is attached to the screened-in area
  • Complicated and time-consuming tent installation
  • The poles are not market separately and the instructions are written in the small font in the carrying-bag which may make it a bit troublesome for the first-timers

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Supreme quality, spacious and durable – Tahoe gear glacier tent offers everything that a camper searches in a tent. Big enough with three large rooms to fit one queen size bed each, Tahoe promises for safe and sound accommodation for your dear ones.

Made from 12mm polyester, the spacious 14-person tent is perfectly designed with better ventilation through large windows in each room. These windows also have a mesh layer that keeps you protected from bugs in the night. Not much space to hang your lantern but the tent offers you enough floor space to store all your gears.

Tahoe gear glacier 14-person tent stays firm and strong during wind and rains and keeps you sheltered during harsh summers. Bit heavyweight which justifies the services it provides, the tent usually takes 30-40 minutes to install. The cherry on the cake is that the tent also provides power-slip for extension cords.


  • Wing awning extends over the door and creates room to store gear
  • The mesh blind on the windows allows better air circulation and keep bugs and insects away
  • The 12mm thick polyester gives strong fight to wear and tear and weather fluctuations
  • 3 separate rooms which provide equal privacy and comfort
  • Power slip is provided for the entertainment


  • The bag weighs more than 40 pounds which makes it uneasy sometimes
  • Takes time to understand the process of installation
  • No storage pockets and lantern hooks are available

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This plus-shaped cabin tent takes around 20 by 20 feet camping floor but it gives the vibe of your home. Just like any home, this tent has 4 separate rooms shared with a living room where the family can gather during the camp. Perfect for large families, Ozark trail base camp is your companion during bad weather conditions. The high-quality rods are responsible for holding the tent strong and firm.

Each room offers the ‘D’ style door for easy in-out and two windows on either side of the wall for better ventilation. The easy process to set-up makes it one of the most chosen large tents by the campers. Also, the supreme quality polyester walls and floorings perfectly handle the high resistance during rain and winds.

The best feature of the Ozark Trail Base 14-person Cabin Tent is that it provides plenty of floor space with 20 by 20-floor measurement and an added power-slip for cord extensions so that you can enjoy your stay in the tent.


  • Easy to assemble and less-time consuming
  • Mesh roof makes it perfect for summer and winter camping
  • ‘D’ style door entry for better entrance and exit
  • Easily fits 4 queen-size bed in the tent
  • High-quality polyester blocks the easy wear and tear due to friction and weather
  • Designed for cross ventilation


  • Not much storage pockets or lantern hooks
  • No divider in the room which connects the main entrance.

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Just as the name sounds, this is not the usual square-shaped tent. Made from 285GSM cotton fabric, this tent provides you heat in the winter and keeps you cool in the summers. One large door of the tent makes it easy for the members to walk in and out. Solid, sharp and durable Danchel tent offers 360 angle views through the windows around the bottom which are also responsible for keeping up better ventilation. Treated with anti-rust treatment, the poles at the centers and sides keep the tent stand tall during every season.

This khaki-colored tent fights rain with the waterproof treatment and keeps you protected during harsh weather. Straight out of the movie, this tent offers everything from 300 square feet of living area to remarkable air circulation, from solid anti-rust rods to water-proof material. Just perfect!


  • Cotton fabric helps to adjust the temperature inside the tent
  • The water-proof fabric and anti-rust treatment makes the tent robust and durable for a longer period of time
  • Large floor space to stack up the gears
  • Perfectly designed for sound ventilation
  • Stays strong in all seasons
  • Easy installation and assembly process


  • Requires waterproofing over time
  • The metal rods make it heavy to carry
  • Short ceiling height at border
  • No privacy
  • Cotton fabric takes a little longer to dry which interrupts the packing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup a 14 person instant tent from ozark trail ?

Here is a quick video to understand the setup. Hope it helps


CONCLUSION For Best 14 Person Tent

You may find many large tents in the market which promise to deliver you comfort but trust us. Through our detailed research and trial and error, we have concluded this list of 14-person tents that can help you be contented during camping with your squad.

But after carefully studying, we suggest that the best 14 person tent is Ozark trail base camp 14-person cabin tent. And why not!

It has the perfect features of the home with separate rooms and a living area and provides enough space to store gear. Best for every season, Ozark is functional as well as innovative and satisfies every resident with its many features like the cord extension, separate doors, and windows, mesh roof and easy set-up process. I'm hoping that the article on my best 14 person tent helped you to find your match.

Remember, we have just extended a helping hand but don’t just settle on our conclusion. Maintain a camper’s spirit and find your perfect camping home through various trials and errors with your adventurous squad.


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