The 5 Best 6 Person Tent For A Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Posted On December 1, 2019

If you are in a rush and just want to find out what is best 6 person tent is I'd recommend to go for Coleman Evanston Screened Tent as the best one.

Believe us or not - just like tech, we humans also need recharging.

There’s a reason why people wish to watch more sunsets than Netflix.

There’s a reason why #VacationModeOn is one of the most trending social media hashtags.

There’s a reason why despite being entrenched in the Wi-Fi era, we still wish to wander where the network cannot bound us.

Breathing and living life completely surrounded by city-lights and chaos can be strenuous. Keeping up with the witty tweets, drain us social butterflies. Planning a trip once in a while away from the rigmarole of ordinary life is what we all need!

Best 6 person Tent we discuss in this Article


Between all the city-rules how do you recharge yourself?

For us, connecting to the roots wrapped around nature is the best recharge-zone. And who doesn’t like some camping around the trees and lone time?

But preparing for camps can also be demanding. Lots of preparations, the right tools, research and many more details go into it. But the most important essential for camping is a tent. Comfortable stay for a relaxed and secured adventure is everyone’s demand and why not!

With each distinctive of their own pros and cons, tents are available in all possible shape and size. Name it and you will find it - magnificent as a palace and compact as a one-room apartment of a metro city.

But don’t worry. Be with us and we will guide you through your entire why’s, what’s, how’s for the camping tents.


More the people, larger the tent-size.

But what is so great about a six-person tent?

Well, if you are a person who travels with voluminous gears or a family full of peers, then this is the right tent.

Enough for two queen size beds to fit in, these tents are perfect if you always loose in the elbow fight with cousins and sleep outside. With extra stretching space and large size, these 6-person tents make enough room for your equipment, food and family.

Also, armed with travel friendly features, these tents are built with enough pockets to store your stuff and use less foot print.

With 6-person tent, bring in your pet, extra food and bag full of gears. Also, don’t just squeeze or bend to fit in. In fact, enjoy the extra brownies and dance with the head held high till the next sunrise.



To make sure that you have a smooth ride while selecting your tent, we researched the 5 best 6-person tents. The pros and cons of each tent will help you make a better decision.


Perfect for your camping adventure, Slumberjack trail tent completes your search of the best camping tent. Fully covered with fly and mesh panel, this tent is known to hold a tough fight against rain and wind.

Thanks to the color-coded clip construction and fiber glass poles, the set-up of Slumberjack trail is effortless. With the ridge pole geometry, the trail tent creates a maximum space for two people standing. Made from polyester, this tent weighs up to 6 pounds and is easy to carry around for backpacking trips. Two exterior vestibules are the reason for extra stretching and transition space.

Affordable and light weight, this Slumberjack trail tent possesses all the features that you are looking in a camping tent.


  • The packed tent weight up to 6 pounds and is suitable to carry for backpacking, camping or fishing trips
  • The walls of the tent are thick and protects well against rain and cold
  • The color coded clips make it really easy to set up the tent
  • Comes with interior storage pockets which save up more space to hold utility gears
  • Two vestibules of the tent make it more spacious
  • The polyester and mesh panels are best suitable for cold and rainy weather.


  • The tent does not hold strong wind impressively.
  • The vestibules are not large enough to hang out but perfect to hold the gears.
  • Fiber glass poles are delicate and needs lot of care and attention while setting up and breaking down.

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Big enough to fit two queen size beds, Coleman Evanston screened tents have built the legacy of trust in the camping world. Made from polyester taffeta, the spacious 6-person tent offers a bug-free lounging with a separate screen room.

Lightweight and easily available Coleman tent measures up to 10 x 9 feet with 5 foot 8-inch center height.

Wielding technology inspired water-proof floors reinforces the tent floor. Also, the inverted seams at the edges escalate the weather resistance and hold the tent stronger during the rain and wind.

Coleman tent gives the right attention to the little details. The zipper is covered with a cuff made of weather resistant fabric which adds to the strength of the tent. With easy installation process and strong frames, this tent will support you for a long period of time.


  • The 5 feet 8 inch screen room offers better ventilation and relaxation.
  • The extended window blind allows better air circulation even during rain and storm.
  • The polyester taffeta maintains the temperature inside the tent.
  • Wielded floors make sure that there is no water seepage.
  • The inverted seam on the edges provide strength to the tent and fights better with wind and storm
  • Utility pockets come in handy to save space.
  • Easy set-up and breaking down process
  • Light weight and perfect to carry for all your trips


  • The floor in screen room may get wet and pool with water during heavy rains.
  • It does not have an insulated wall and thus not suitable for cold weathers

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This instant cabin tent is perfect for scout trips. Keeping in mind the ease of the traveler, it is simple to set. The pre-accumulated steel pole system helps you set up the tent in the flick of a second. Also, the polyethylene floor is aptto handle the high friction and the ‘D’ style door supports easy in and out.

Made with H2O block technology, this instant cabin tent is made to protect you from the harsh weathers. The best feature of the Core 6 person instant cabin tent is that it provides plenty space. Be it storing your gears or hanging a lantern, the instant cabin offers large organizer and keeps your tent clean of all the mess.

Providing you large space for staying, this instant cabin is also easy on your pockets. The bonus point is the one-year warranty that comes with it. What more can we ask for!


  • Large space and big enough to fit 2 queen air mattress
  • Enormous gear pockets with lantern hook and wall organizer
  • ‘D’ style door entry for better entrance and exit
  • Affordable and easy set up
  • The mesh roof maintains the temperature in cold environment and keeps you warm
  • Windows that help in cross ventilation


  • The heavy size tent is not suitable for backpackers
  • Large pack instant tent takes huge space in the vehicle
  • The walls lack lining against the cold

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If you are tall and tired of entering a tent with a bend, then this is for you. Kodiak canvas flex bow is a solid, rugged and sturdy tent offering premium features. It uses hydra-shield 100% cotton canvas, finished with silicon weave which makes it suitable for reducing condensation and humidity. The tight weave and cotton also make it breathable.

The 6 feet 6 inches - ceiling height allows the tallest camper to cross the threshold without stooping. Steel rods and steel poles make it robust to fight the strong wind and harsh weather. The front and back doors with premium quality zippers, four windows and two vents lets abundant air flow. Everything seems perfect except that it weighs around 68 pounds and is not easy to carry.


  • 100% cotton duck canvas helps controlling the temperature inside the tent
  • The flex bow frames and 1 inch poles keeps the tent durable during harsh and windy weathers
  • 16 OZ Vinyl flooring keeps the water out of the floor
  • Perfect for taller campers with 6 feet 6 inches ceiling height
  • Ample windows and vents helps in easy air flow
  • Wall organizer to keep knick-knacks out of the floor


  • Not as affordable as the others
  • The metal rods and frames make it heavy and bulky to carry for
  • The cotton fabric takes slightly longer to dry which delays the packaging

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For those who are looking for light weight tents to travel with their family, Colombia dome tent is the most preferred option. Created with the repellency technology dries it faster and keeps water and stains away.

Huge door and windows made with mesh fabric helps in keeping the cross ventilation. But the mesh do not holds water and thus during heavy rains the water comes in through the windows. Delivering everything in one – from better size to ventilation and economical, Colombia tent remains every camper’s favored one.


  • Water repellent technology dries out the water without taking much time
  • Available electrical cord port
  • The mesh windows and giant gate makes easy ventilation
  • Light weight as compared to other family tents and affordabe
  • 6 feet interior height and large enough to fit 2 queen-size beds


  • The zipper needs extra care and attention while handling
  • The mesh makes it easy for the waters to enter from the windows

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Each tent listed above has its specific pros and cons. Selecting any one from them is a difficult task. But the one that cuts above the rest and is my most preferred 6 person tent while camping is Coleman Evanston Screened Tent. Functional and operational, Coleman offers extra screen space to relax which is a bonus. Best for every season, substantial, satisfactory ventilation, easy to carry and pocket-friendly are the features that steal every camper’s heart.

Ofcourse, this is our opinion. But, you should always remember to select the tent that fulfills your check-boxes.

So, let us know what is your choice?

Hello, are you still reading? Why are you still here?

The mountains are calling you.


Our generation is spoiled with endless choices! We understand. With so many options available in the market, it becomes confusing to select the best for us and our family. Addition to the size, there are numerous points that play an essential role while selecting the tent.

If you are an amateur, buying a tent for the first time – don’t forget to keep these factors in consideration. (Just a reminder for the mavens who are reading, make sure to cover these when you shop.)


In the end, you came out with your family to relax. And you would not want to spend most of your time setting up the tent.

While making the purchase, make sure to check the assembly methods. With better technology and innovation, there are numerous tents in the market where the assembling process is effortless.


It is always inconvenient to carry a large and heavy packing of the tent.

While making your selection, keep in mind that more the compact, stress-free the trip. Choose the most squashed and light-weight packing tents to stay away from the hustle of carrying it everywhere on your shoulders.


This is the most important criteria while selecting a tent. You would not want your tent to fly in the air with the strong wind. For such places, you will need more sturdy tents. The air flow matters a lot. So, always keep in mind your destination and the season.

But, you cannot always be sure of the trip and the season. In such times, we prefer that you buy 2-season or 3-season tents that are equipped to handle major weathers.


With much love and care, the tent will support you for a long period of time. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind while taking care of your camping partner.

  • Never store a tent that is wet. This will destroy the quality of the fabric and will reduce the tent-age.
  • Always be careful with the zippers and poles. Be gentle while using them.
  • Setting up your tent in the shade will protect it from the harmful UV rays. Also, make sure to store the tent in a cool and dry place.
  • Use footprint or ground cloth to protect your tent from the surface beneath. Keep in mind to clean your tent before packaging.
  • Never machine wash your tent. A basic cleaning work wonders for the tent.

It is said, a stitch in time saves a nine. If you see any damage or cut in the tent, make sure to mend it before it’s too late.

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