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Posted On December 1, 2019

If you are in a rush and just want to find out what is best 8 person tent is I'd recommend to go for Wenzel 8-Person Klondike tent as the best one.

Once in a while, we all open the Pandora box. This box of memories that hold old photos from our first family trip, the boarding pass from the first airplane ride, the bill of the first gift we bought for parents from our solo trip, tags, souvenirs, postcards and many more things which may look like scrap to the world but holds our world together.

Let’s face this, now we are all so busy with our mundane lives that we have forgotten to fill this Pandora box with new memories. If given a chance, we all yearn for escapes with our dear ones in the lap of nature. And what is better than #CampingVacay with the family.

So trust us, now is not the time to stress over the know-hows. All you got to do is pack your gears and book your tickets. We have simplified the process for you and created a guide to help you stay relaxed and secured. This guide will help you select the best camping tent which will stay with your family for many more happening trips.

Best 8 person Tent we discuss in this Article




While researching you might have come across terms like 2-person tent, 4-person tent, 6-person tent and on!

But what do they mean? Does it mean that 6 people can stay in a 6-person tent? Well, you can if you want to stay cramped all night.

Similarly, if you are going out on a vacation with your family and sufficient gears, it is possible that 6-person tent is too confined and a 10-person tent is too hefty. For those who are looking for a middle ground, 8-person tent is the best option. Providing enough space for six people in a family and abundant gears, 8-person tent is most preferable by families.

So, while investing in a camping tent – make sure that the tent has enough room for adults to relax, kids to chillax and gears to rack!


For your comfortable stay and memorable trip, we researched the 5 best 8-person tents. After studying each tent, the pros and cons will help you come to the final decision.


Lightweight, affordable and large enough for your family outings, Core 9-person extended dome tent is your go-to option for family camping tents. The detachable rainfly which provides protection in rain lets the light enter during summers which makes it a perfect home for all the seasons.

Also, the H2O Block Technology seals the seam and makes it completely waterproof. With the number of hanging hooks, wall storage and gear loft – it provides abundant space for things that you have carried for the comfort of long trips. Even if you are tall, you don’t have to worry about bending with the ceiling height of 7 ft. and 2 inches. Keeping in mind the air circulation, the tent also provides air vent holes. These holes are responsible for the constant flow of air which never lets you suffocate.

But, the best feature that wins our hearts is the availability of e-cord. This helps you play the music and liven up the trip. What else can we ask from a home away from home!


  • Gives you abundant space to stand and sleep comfortably without cramping
  • The H2O block technology make the seams water resistant and blocks water during rain
  • Easy and hassle-free assembling process
  • Handy with storage pockets and hooks to hold utility gears and lanterns
  • Provides electric cord
  • The removable rain-fly makes it suitable for 4-seasons


  • Not very impressive when it comes to holding strong winds.
  • Ventilation is not good when the rain flies are open which may lead to a bit of suffocation.

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The size of Coleman Montana tent is perfect for a family vacation. Polyester made this 8-person tent comes in with a carry bag which makes it easier to carry around.

It is the best home in the lap of nature, always ready to give a tough fight to wind and rain. The tent is water-resistant with extra awning which provides dry space for gears and shoes in case of rain.

This 26Kg 8-person tent which accommodates 3 queen-size beds is not suitable for hikers but perfect companion for family outings. The ceiling height of 6ft and 2 inches gives enough room for you to stand freely.

East to assemble, efficient venting system, breathable layout, storage racks and lantern hooks make it comprehensible and comfortable. The best part is that the tent comes with a one-year warranty. So, stay tension-free!


  • The WeatherTec technology marks it wind resistant and rain resistant which makes it preferred camping tent for all seasons
  • The extra awning delivers dry-entrance and protects shoes and gears in case of rain
  • Provides electric port for relaxed and lively ambience
  • Easy 15 minute process to assemble
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • The flooring is thin and thus there are more chances of floor lining to get damaged by the rock, sand, grass etc.
  • The heavy package makes it inconvenient to carry unless using a car

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Wenzel 8-Person tent is one of the tunnel tents which hold plenty of room for family members. The Weather Armor fabrics supported with inverted seams makes sure that tent stands tall even during harsh wind and rain.

Making it more home-like, the large front screen awning provides an entrance for camping comfortably. Seems complex than the standard ones but the set-up of the tent takes less time than expected. But what’s more interesting is that the tent comes with a ten-year warranty!

So, now plan a trip for a longer duration with your family because with Wenzel 8-person Klondike tent stay is not an issue.


  • Comfortable room space and ceiling height, so that you don’t have to cramp or crouch
  • Proper design keeping in mind the ventilation during summer days
  • No-see mesh fabric divides the compartments and offers higher privacy
  • The front screen awning makes good space to store gears
  • Comes with 10-year warranty
  • Gear-organizer to keep objects out of the floor


  • Not suitable for extreme harsh weathers
  • Quite complex to set-up
  • The screen room affords lower ceiling height

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Big enough to fit two queen size beds, Coleman 8-Person instant tent is for you if you wish to spend less time in assembling. Why so?

Because the favorite brand of campers, Coleman is all about comfort. Coleman 8-person instant tent sets up to 55% faster than the regular tents and takes only 9 minutes to stand tall. The WeatherTec system of the tent provides patented welded floors which makes the flooring water-proof. The inverted seam provides better weather resistance making it suitable for all seasons.

The pre-attached, color-coded top poles and hub makes the assembling process sorted and easier. This easy instant 8-person tent provides all the room for additional gears and comfort for the family.


  • The rolling suitcase that fits in the tent makes it easier to carry the tent around
  • Wielded floors make sure that the tent is water-resistant
  • 9 minute set-up process makes it easy to assemble
  • The weatherTec system provides an inverted seam which is responsible for holding rain
  • The gear hooks and utility pockets help in store abundant things


  • The zippers may sometimes cause inconvenience by stucking in the flap
  • It is not suitable for extreme cold weathers as it lacks insulated wall

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If your family loves to travel all throughout the year, this camping tent is best suited for you. Perfect for all weather conditions, the patented WeatherTec System provides inverted seams, waterproof floors, zipper protection and strong wind and rain resistance.

The dome shape and strong frames provide remarkable stability to the red canyon tent. Also, the awning is stitched directly to the main tent and provides extra living space.

The screens divide the tent into three different compartments, creating enough room for everyone. The best feature is that it is easy to set-up and break. The gears come packed in separate bags for tent, poles and stakes.


  • Creates 3 rooms with detachable-screen which provides privacy and enough space for everyone
  • Easy to set-up and break down
  • The weather resistant fabric makes sure that the tent remains water-proof
  • Detachable rain flyer


  • Not suitable during extreme rainy conditions
  • The long center-pole requires two people during set-up

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We see so many types of tents in the market. So which one is good for you? Which one is not for you? Why choose a dome tent over the ridge tent? And many queries will hover over your mind as soon as you plan to invest in your comfortable family stay.

Well, don’t worry about all these questions. Before we start judging each tent by the pros and cons, let’s gather our knowledge about the type of tents.

Listings below are the types of tents in the market which will help you find your perfect adventure partner and comfortable family stay. This will also guide you through the most preferable ones for family vacations.


These are the tent-shaped tents that we see in the cartoons and draw in our paintings. A pole at each end and a cross pole holding the roof. They make exceptional shelters for one person but are less preferable for family vacations.


These are not pointed as basic ridge tent. It’s all in the name. In dome tents, a flexible pole turns the roof into a dome shape. The base holds strong with webbing strap on the ground. They are bigger than the basic tent and give more head-room and floor space.


These are the perfect partner-in-crime when you travel to mountains with harsh weather conditions. Built with criss-cross poles, creating a triangle over the surface, these tents are most preferred for places such as Mount Everest.


If you are not looking forward to the hard work to set-up the tent, then this type is for you. An extended, twisted, sprung frame is fitted into the fabric of the tent. Unleash this frame and your bag coverts into a large tent itself. Impressive, isn’t it?


These belong to the clan of dome tents. When you are traveling with a family, dome tents are not preferred due to the small space. With a similar technique, tunnel tent is prepared which gives you enough family room to enjoy the vacation.


With better technology, now tents are available with separate compartments. Yes, you read it right! These come in large sizes and are available in tent, dome and square shapes.

FUN FACT - Tents where compartments face each other were first trended in France - hence, the name ‘vis-à-vis’.


These are the most extravagant and grand tents available in the market. With a central living area and different compartments, these tents are suitable for family trips.

But, be ready to carry a heavy bag and pay extra for a large footprint!

The classification above was according to the shape. But camping tents are also available according to the size. So, what is the best pick for you?

No, No, don’t worry! We’ve got your back.


Choosing a tent is the most critical part of your vacation planning. But it’s not as difficult as it sounds. It’s all about trial-and-error. But, you don’t have to try and make boo-boos. From our personal experience and research, we have accumulated certain tips that you should keep in mind when shopping for tents.

  • Always keep in mind the weight of the tent. Family vacations are all about comfort, so the family tents usually have ample space and room. Make sure the size of tent packing and the weight is enough for you to carry on your trips.
  • Family vacations are all about relaxing vacation. For such a trip, no one would want to waste time assembling a tent. So always keep in mind the assembling process of the tent. The easier the process, the more time to relax.
  • The color of the tent also plays a significant role. Why you ask! The clear ceiling absorbs less heat and thus the interior stays cool. But if you choose a tent with dark-colored ceiling, it is likely to get hot if not assembled under the shade.
  • The frames of the tent provide them the stability and resistance from the wind. The steel frames give a strong foundation then the fiberglass ones but are generally too heavy to carry for trips. As an alternative, aluminum frames are most preferred as they provide better grip than fiberglass and less heavy than steel frames. Best of both worlds!
  • Also, make sure that the fabric of your tent and between the compartments is breathable and provides cross-ventilation.

Don’t underestimate the importance of these points. These tips will help you purchase the best vacation home away from home and will provide the same comfort all throughout the trip.


Selecting one from the bests is always difficult. But when we added the pros and cons of each 8-person camping tent, we came across the one that wins every campers heart. Wenzel 8-Person Klondike tent is the best option for family outings. Even though it is complex to set-up, the large home-like tent stands tall during harsh weathers. The extra space created by the front awning is the icing on the cake. The windows, fabric and designing – all makes sure that the ventilation is just perfect. In our opinion, it is the best home for longer duration family trips.

Always remember that your mundane life can wait for you every once in a while. Make sure that you create enough memories with your family that the Pandora box never rests.

Go on because in the end, this is all that matters!

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