Best 5 Instant Camping Tents For Beginners

Posted On January 23, 2020

If you are in a rush and just want to find out what is best Instant tents is I’d recommend to go for Wenzel 8 person KLONDIKE instant tent as the best one.

If you Google ‘Instant’ today, after meaning the only thing that pops up on your search engine are instant apps, instant games, instant money-making strategy, instant food recipe, instant weight loss, instant payment method, and blah blah blah, the list goes on!

Gone are the days when life was running at a slow pace. It was in the past when things took time. Messages took time to reach the receiver, food took time to be cooked, banks took time for payment and trips took time to be planned – Oops! Trips still take time to be planned and if you are planning with friends, believe me, it’s going to take forever. But the point is, now life is faster and no one has the time to waste waiting and thus, the need for instant intensifies!

Instant is not only a common part of daily life but it is also an essential part of adventure trips. One such instant change in the expeditions is pop-up tents also known as instant tents. These tents are a huge savior and save time and minimize human effort. They come up with pre-installed frames that make the setup and break down process easy as ABC.

The market of instant tents is as vast as the ocean and you can get lost and invest in the wrong one pretty easily. But, DON’T WORRY! After experimenting and researching every nook and corner about the tent, we have come up with 5 best instant tents that are worth your moolah.

Best Instant tents we will discuss in this Article


But before jumping on to the best 5 lists, it is equally essential for you to understand the pros and cons of the instant tent.

The instant tent looks easy and perfect for camping adventures but we all know nothing is perfect. When you are clueless about a thing, it is possible for you to see only the greener side. Thus, our research will help you look at both sides which will help you shortlist your favorite picks!



This is by far the most important and common feature that an instant tent offers. It just by untying or unbuckling, the set-up only takes a few seconds to stand tall on the ground. The pre-installed frames make the process easier and quicker for travelers.

Likewise, the pop-up tent takes 1-2 minutes to take down and fold. Though you need to remember that the process of taking down and folding can be tricky depending on the size but you will get the hang of it after practicing a few times.


If you are a beginner, you cannot thank enough for this technology. Just open it like an umbrella or unbuckle the button – your accommodation for the camping trip is good to go. Usually, instant tents are not recommended for backpacking camps because they are heavy in weight but they are ideal for car camping.


Normal camping tents are divided into many parts and you are required to carry all the gears for the set-up. If you forget any of the tools behind, it means you don’t have a tent.

Instead, instant camps have everything pre-installed and thus, you have to carry fewer tools and frames which make it perfect for beginners.


Setting up normal tents is a hassle if you have a camping plan in your backyard. Pop-up tents are the best substitute where you just have to throw the pack and voila! It is a tent in the backyard! That simple.


According to the United States, Consumer Product Safety Commission every year around 800 people face injury during the process of assembly and disassembly of tents. Report is Here.

The easy set-up and fold-down process of instant tents make them much safer and kids friendly.



Pop-up tents come up with in-built frames that make the set-up process tricky. Sometimes it will take you a few trials before you get used to it. Also, the folding method is complex and requires your attention as the delicate frames can get damaged during the process.


Let’s keep in mind that the instant tents come with attached frames. So, if during the process of set-up and break-up any frame breaks, fixing your tent can be unfeasible. This makes your tent fundamentally of no use and the only solution that will save you is to replace the whole tent.


With the expanded market, there are many options for lightweight instant tents but they generally are for fewer people.

If you are looking for an instant tent with a bigger space, be prepared that the whole package is going to be bulky and not suitable for backpacking trips.


With the given positive point of a single package and in-built frames, there also comes a drawback. During every step of the expedition, an instant tent requires extra attention and maintenance. If handled wrongly, the poles may bend or break making it difficult to use!


Generally, an instant tent compromises a single wall which means that they have no rainfly. Due to this feature, the tent is less breathable in the rainy weather.

While buying always remember to check the description of the tent and confirm if it entails a single layer or double layer.

Perfection is just the state of perception and everything comes with their pros and cons. According to your prerequisite and preference your perfect can be different than ours. It requires you to know the list above to make a good investment for an instant tent for your next expedition.


Your comfortable camping experience is our first priority and with our extensive research, we have short-listed five best instant tents that will make your trip more comfortable and memorable.


The process of setting up this tent takes only 60 seconds. It’s true! It just takes you to unpack and unfold the pre-attached poles and VOILA! You are good to go.

Divided into two rooms, this reliable instant stay is comfortable and practical. Protecting you from harsh weather, this robust pop-up tent offers incredible floor space and tent height which makes it easier to move around the rooms and tent. Also, the ultra-durable Core 9-person instant cabin tents have waterproof floors and rainfly to shield you from rains.

Given the size and features available in the easiest and safest tent, the little limitation of being bulky can be coped.

This will be the perfect safe home out in the wild for your large family for your future camping, hiking and climbing voyages.


  • The waterproof floor and rainfly protect you during the rainy season
  • 60-second easy set-up process
  • Enough privacy with the availability of two rooms
  • The 6 feet ceiling height and 14*9 feet floor plan makes enough room to walk around contentedly
  • Designed with Core H2O Block Technology
  • Available electrical port


  • Expensive than normal tents
  • The packed tent is bulky
  • Makes it unsuitable for backpacking adventures

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Topping the list of affordable pop-up tents, the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent takes literally less than a minute to stand tall. The in-built clip system available on the four corner poles needs to be pop out after outspreading the tent. THAT’S ALL!

With this, Coleman Instant Cabin Tent delivers you comfort with large floor space and windows which maintains the temperature of the tent during your excursion. The one feature that distinguishes the single-layer tent from others is that it also offers you an in-built rainfly. YES, THAT TOO!

The excellent WeatherTec technology protects you during rainy seasons. Weighing around 11Kgs, this instant cabin tent is a big no-no for backpacking camps but are best suitable if you have a plan for car camping.


  • Spacious instant cabin tent and suitable for families
  • Advanced WeatherTec system fights and stands tall during harsh weathers
  • In-built rainfly helps in protection and proper ventilation
  • 1 minutes set-up process


  • The tent doesn’t offer any vestibule
  • Not suitable for strong windy and harsh weather

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Planning a group expedition with 10 friends?

For such a big group, Ozark Trail 12-person instant tent fits all the boxes. Perfectly fitting in 3 queen size beds, this tent can be divided into 3 rooms depending on your requirements. With the large capacity and space that Ozark provides, it is unbelievable that the tent requires a maximum 2 minutes for the complete set-up!

Designed with an inbuilt rainfly, waterproof system and robust structure, the Ozark Trail 12-person instant tent keeps your family protected during rains and extreme wind.

Weighing around 33 pounds, Ozark Trail 12-person instant tent is freestanding. Hence, you can easily rotate and move the tent around.


  • Perfectly fits 3 queen size beds and is perfect for large families
  • 7 large windows and mesh panel ceiling maintain proper ventilation in the tent
  • The telescopic poles and weather Tech system makes the tent stand tall even during the unfavorable weathers
  • Easy 2-minute set-up process. Hence, saves your energy and time
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Not suitable for heavy rains
  • Considerably heavy to carry on your backpack trips
  • Ozark Trail 12-person instant tent is not recommended for small families or set of friends

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The three steps set-up process is one of the best features the Oileus instant tent offers. So, just relax as this feature shrinks all the chances of you fumbling with the poles. Oileus instant tent is waterproof and is appropriate for 3 seasons.

Instantly topping the list of your favorite tents, Oileus will accompany you perfectly for all your trekking, backpacking and climbing expeditions.

Well-designed to serve its purpose, Oileus Instant Tent is durable and perfectly fits in 4 to 6 persons. The 2 windows in the tent offer great ventilation for the comfortable stay and the specially handled seams help this campy tent earn some more brownie points!

The best part of this tent is that the folding process is also not tricky and it only takes seconds to break up, saving up all your last-minute energy!


  • Fine polyester and specially handled seams keep it waterproof and blocks water from entering during the rainy season
  • Best suitable for 3 kinds of weather
  • With 2 windows and 2 doors, it offers proper ventilation
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy 3 steps set-up and break-down process


  • The tent is not water-resistant
  • Not suitable for heavy rains
  • The zipper of the tent is made up of flimsy thin metal+

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Saving the best for the last, Wenzel 8-person Klondike instant tent tops this recommended list of pop-up tents. The Wenzel tent is too good to be true and will not disappoint you in the long run. Worth it from all angles, Wenzel is thoughtfully designed with a shock-corded fiberglass roof frame combined with pin and ring system for the easy minute set-up. The attached screen room gives you enough space to store your gears for the outdoor expedition.

Never disappointing, Wenzel 8-person Klondike instant tent is constructed with fine quality of materials. This weather-repellent tent comes with the added feature of extra polyurethane coating which makes the tent more durable and robust. An outstanding option for outdoor camping, this tent passes the test of heavy rain and wind protection you out in the wild.

Clearly with all the added features and best ventilation system, Wenzel 8-person Klondike instant tent is one of the best instant tents that you can invest in.


  • Spacious interior for 6-person
  • Attached screen room makes enough space for storing camping gears
  • Easy pin and ring set-up system
  • Shock-corded fiberglass and quality weather-repellent fabric makes it durable and robust
  • Better ventilation system
  • Added polyurethane coating for camping outdoor in harsh weathers


  • No electric cord
  • Dark rainfly sometimes makes it hot inside

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Buying the perfect tent is an essential part to not spoil your trip. We are expecting that our extensive studied guide will help you make an informed decision which you do not regret later. Also, don’t invest in a tent just because your friend has bought the one but also don’t hesitate to splurge if you find the right tent for you. It all depends on your priority list which will help you make a sound decision.

Though every tent listed above cuts the chase but clearly Wenzel 8-person Klondike instant tent wins our hearts! Practical, durable, well-designed, proper ventilation, spacious, waterproof – you name it and Wenzel possesses it all.

Changing the camping experience for ever, Wenzel 8-person Klondike instant tent is surely going to be our accommodation for future excursions.

Which one is your favorite knight in the shining ‘Intant’ tent?

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