Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent Review

Posted On August 17, 2020

Are you planning a summertime camping trip? Looking for a family tent that fits everyone and meets all your needs?

Then read on. The Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent is a great pick for summer camping trips.

Last year I was looking for a large family tent for a camping trip with my friends. That’s when I came across this Coleman Evanston Tent. While I did not buy this tent, it did make it to my top 5. One of the best-selling 8 person tents, it is well-reviewed by its users, is large and durable and is extremely affordable.


Camping with family & friends is a great activity- not only for passing time but also bonding and making unforgettable memories. Whether you are trekking in some high mountains or just spending quality time outdoors on a camping site, your tent is your home away from home.

Picking the right tent is extremely crucial for your outdoor expedition especially when traveling in a large group. You need to assure that everyone’s needs are met and they are comfortable on the trip.A few basics to look for in any tent are the material, durability, waterproof-ness, and weight. There a few additional features to consider when buying a tent for a large group or a family tent.

The Right size

The first thing you need to determine is how big a tent you want. This obviously will depend on the number of people in your group. However, you must always upscale, meaning, if you are four people, get a tent with 6 person capacity. Why? Well, this will ensure that you all can stay comfortably. The excess capacity will provide extra space for storage and moving around.

Number of Rooms & Layout

While smaller tents have just one main room, large tents usually have room dividers. This is to give privacy if someone needs it. It also makes it easy to keep the things in the tent organized. The tents may come with extra vestibule are which is great for storing gear and other essentials.


A must-have feature of a large tent is multiple doors. There should be at least two door. It just makes it more convenient to get in or out of the tent. Say someone is resting or sleeping., you can use another door to enter without disturbing them. It also provides extra ventilation if needed.


The more the number of people, the more the ventilation needed. Always look for tents with windows, roof vents and other ventilation features. It will ensure that insides of your tent do not get very hot and adequate airflow is maintained.


Coleman has a proven track record of providing high quality outdoors solutions and shelters. Innovative design, functionality and affordability- three things you will always find in Coleman tents. The Evanston screened tent is no different.

The large family tent has one main room with an additional screen room or porch area which makes for a great lounging area. The screen room can also be used for sleeping using sleeping bags, making the tent a good option for large groups.

The tent is bug-proof is which is extremely important in an outdoor stay, especially when camping with kids. The tent is extremely easy to setup. It takes not more than 15 minutes, which is perfect as it means more time to relax and enjoy.

The tent features Coleman’s patented Weathertec System which keeps the tent dry and safe even in the heaviest rainfalls or storms.

In all, this is a solid family tent that mixes durability with functionality.


Type Freestanding Dome style

Capacity 8 People

Dimensions 12ft. x 12ft.

Height 6ft.

Weight 24.5 lbs

Pack Size 28” x 11” x 10”

Warranty 1-Year limited warranty


  • Spacious tent with enough room to comfortably accommodate campers
  • The porch provides extra space for sleeping, storage and keeping smelly/dirty gear away from the main area.
  • Easy to set up. Can be ready and going in less than 15 minutes
  • Blend of next-gen technologies like Weatehrtec system and Veriflo ventilation system.
  • Extremely affordable compared to other options available in the market


  • The tent is small for the declared capacity. It can only accommodate around4-5 people comfortably.
  • The rainfly covers only half of the porch. So water can enter the screen room.
  • The tent is slightly on the heavier side.


Let’s dive deep and fully analyze the key features of the Coleman Evanstons 8 Person Tent.


The 12foot by 12fot tent is large enough to accommodate a small family or a group of friends. The extra screen room is a crown jewel to this beautiful tent. Whether you are car camping with kids or have an extended outdoor adventure with friends, the Coleman Evanstons tent is a go-to outdoor solution for campers looking for that extra space and comfort.

The screen room makes for an excellent porch area to lounge in while enjoying the seashore winds or the whimsical woods. In addition to lounging, the screen room makes for great storage space and makes for an additional sleeping deck.

Covered on all sides with un-see-um mesh, the tent is bug-proof which means you can enjoy your adventure without the insects and mosquitoes biting. A bonus of the screen room is its floors. This means you don’t have to fear insets crawling on to you from the ground when you use the porch to sleep.

You can easily attach the rainfly or screen in the porch area when sleeping. It will give you privacy if you want it, plus protection from rains in case weather is not in your favour.

However, if it is a clear night with pleasant weather, then you can enjoy a comfortable night under a sky full of stars.


When it comes to setting up the tent, the Coleman Evanston is designed in a way that setting up is fairly easy and intuitive. Coleman claims this free-standing dome tent takes not more than 15 minutes or even less if you are an experienced camper to setup.

Even if you are a new camper, you can easily use this tent. The manufacturers provide you with a detailed manual with the tent. All you have to do is follow the detailed guide on how to set up the tent and you are good to go. The tent comes with colour coded poles and continues pole sleeves making the setup process super easy.

The tent breaks down as quickly as it is to setup. So when you are ready to head home, it will break down and pack easily and rather quickly.

This feature comes in super handy when camping with kids who can be impatient and fussy. It also is extremely useful if there is a storm approaching or there are sudden strong winds and you need to set u the tent quickly. You can have it up and going in no time and enjoy your stay rather sooner than later.


No matter how big or small the tent, proper air ventilation allowing good airflow and minimum moisture is a must-have feature in every tent. The Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent is one of the best tents when it comes to ventilation.

The tent is immaculately designed to ensure maximum airflow keeping the tent interiors cool and pleasant irrespective of the temperatures outside. The tent has 4 large windows with extended awnings and mesh walls along with Veriflo ventilation system keeping the tent cool and pleasant with no-closed in feeling. Everyone will be comfortable and the stay will be enjoyable.


The Coleman Evanston is a heavy-duty next-gen camp gear made with impeccable attention to details. The tent body (cover and rainfly) is made of high-quality 75 denier polyester taffeta which is coated with 50mm of polyurethane material providing insulation.

The bathtub designed patented floor is made of rigid 1000denier polyethylene that not only protects against uneven and rocky surfaces but also prevents the water seeping in through the floor.

Coleman Evanston Tent uses 11mm heavy-duty fibreglass poles along with pole sleeves giving the tent a dome structure. The poles are strong and provide robust support to the entire structure.

The polyester used to make the tent is extremely durable and long-lasting but at the same time very lightweight. Overall the tent is designed and engineered to withstand medium to strong winds and harsh heavy rainfalls. The high-quality material ensures that the tent remains stable and sturdy in unfavourable conditions and does not disrupt your outdoor adventure.


Water-resistance is an imperative feature for any tent especially in monsoons or when camping in areas with unpredictable weather. The Coleman Evanston uses Coleman’s patented Weathertec system which is an intelligent and superior waterproofing system. It keeps the inside of the tent dry even during a heavy downpour.

The waterproof rainfly provides the first layer of protection against rains. The Weathertec system keeps the moisture out and interior dry.

All tent zippers are covered with leak-proof fabric to ensure no water can come in. Taped seams and weatherproofing coated joins increase the tents weather resistant capabilities.

To further eliminate the water from entering the tent, the stitches are inverted seams and the floor made from patented waterproof material is welded.

Additional details like extended window awnings and guy-out triangles g=take the weather resistance feature a step ahead.

The tent poles are designed to give the tent a strong frame to withstand heavy downpours and gusty winds. TO be extra cautious you can always use waterproofing spray-on.

Trust me, you will not regret buying this tent even in harshest of weather conditions.


A mention-worthy feature of Coleman Evanston Tent is its portability. The tent presents absolutely no troubles while carrying the tent.

The tent comes with a deluxe carry bag that easily stores the tent and makes it convenient to carry it around. The tent weighs 25lbs (11.1kg) and its packed size is 28” x 11” x 10” making it quite easy to carry or store.

The portable packed size makes it very easy to transport in any vehicle without taking up much space. It is a great option when vehicle camping.


Affordable- The tent is fairly well-priced for the features, size and quality of the tent.

Electricity access port- The tent has an e-port that can be used to charge electrical devices and for some lights in the tent.

Tall centre- The tent has a center height of 6ft which ensure easy movement and manoeuvring.

Interior storage pockets- The walls of the tent has storage pockets which help in storing small items and keeps things in the tent organized. 


The average customer rating of the Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent is 3.9 out of 5.

This is a good rating in my opinion. Most people said that the tent is spacious and roomy. Almost all reviews raved about the screen room or the porch as a great lounging area and an excellent way to spend the night stargazing. A lot of campers used the tent is heavy rainfall and appreciated its weather resistance which is one of the main features of the tent.

However, quite a few people complained that it took them a little time to setup. But the same campers also said it was or would be fairly easy to set up the second time.

Overall customers stated that the Coleman Evanston tent made their stay quiet comfortable and enjoyable even in harshest of weather. They stated they find the tent value for money and would highly recommend it.


Are you still unsure about Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent? Well here are few alternative 8 person tent that you can check-out to get the tent that meets all your needs and requirements.

  • NTK Laredo GT 8-9 Person Tent
  • Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
  • Euraka Tentragon 8 Person Tent



In our opinion, Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent is an excellent choice for family camping trips or large group camping. It is a high-quality tent that is durable and functional. It is weather-resistant, portable and user friendly.

The highlight is that even after all these exceptional features it is extremely affordable and hence we give this product a high buying rate and give you a go-ahead for all your family camping trips.

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