Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Posted On August 9, 2020

If the thought of camping and adventure pumps you but you are too lazy to be breaking your heads over what tent to buy, here is an article that sure will guide you to your delightful camping and tenting experience. Most of us, often love to go on these camping tours with friends and family and setting up multiple small tents is tiresome as it is boring. Rather the idea of staying in one huge tent seems more exciting. That way, you can ensure no fatigue and more fun. It is extremely popular and if you are looking for something along these lines, Ozark trail 12 person Instant Cabin Tent is just the right pick for you.


There are some key factors that you must surely take into account before buying a tent. Firstly, count the number of people who are going to use a tent. A large tent can accommodate somewhere between 7 to 12 people. You don’t want to congest yourself after an exhausting trek. Make sure that the space is sufficient for the number of people who are going to sleep in one setting. Secondly, don’t forget to carefully look at the steps to set up the tent. Some huge tents can be extremely difficult to set up and bulky to carry. It should not take an army to set up your temporary home. Look for instant tents. As the name suggests, they can be tied quickly with relative ease and comfort. A lot would also depend on the people who are going to the camp. If there is a group of naïve and first-time trekkers, the tenting experience could be unpleasant.

Take into account the weather during the camping months. Different materials are suited for different weather. You don’t want to end up in a water puddle in the middle of the night. Think of the conveyance. Don’t fall for a tent that fits perfectly with your needs but is bulky and huge. Make sure that carrying it to the site is as easy as it could get. If 10-12 people are going to use one tent then be sure to account for ventilation and storage. Usually, big tents come with enough windows and pockets but scrutinize personally to avoid mishaps later. These are a few of the things you must specifically look for. There are plenty of comforts you give up while camping, and don’t let your accommodation be one of them. Always look for a sale. Big Tents can be particularly pricy and if you aren’t a regular camper, it would cost you even more.


Ozark Trail 12 Person Cabin Tent is the most ideal family tent if you are traveling with a group in nature. It is literally all in one roof. Whatever you are looking for, Ozark Trail Tent ha got it. It is sturdy, well ventilated, and spacious. Out of all the 12 person tents, there are, this is certainly the most preferred for various reasons. With a sleeping bag capacity of 12, this tent comes with 3 separate rooms 2 doors. That is one of the reason to be called 3 room instant cabin. Before going for the trip do check tent stakes.

It is 20ft and 10ft in dimension with a height of 80 inches. To add to all of this, it is an instant tent that takes under 2 minutes to be erected. This tent is a haven for the nature lover as it comes with oversized windows for you to enjoy the scenic beauty in a chilly or rainy environment.


  • It is well spaced and can easily provide space for 4 queen-sized air mattresses so there is no congestion
  • The tent comes with 3 rooms that provide for added privacy 
  • It is quite tall making it ideal for tall people as well
  • Comes with a shaded porch 
  • Can be set up instantly and easily without taking much of your energy or time
  • LED lights, waterproofing, etc. can be added to the features 


  • Waterproofing has to be done multiple times to ensure water doesn’t collect anywhere
  • There is no door for the side rooms so they have to use others’ room
  • Though the set-up is easy, it needs more people
  • It is best suited for the summer season only and less for extremely cold weather.



The tent comes with 3 room dividers that give you more privacy. While camping with a group of friends and large family, the adults can occupy one room playing cards and sipping tea and the kids can take another gossiping and playing fun games. The third room can be used for storage. If there are 3 small families, each can take one room. Any camper would want a room like structure with some privacy as opposed to a tent where they have to sleep together like in a dorm. It is more or less like a family camping tent. The cabin style is such that air mattress can be easily accommodated.


The tent has huge mesh windows on all sides so ventilation cannot be a problem. More often than not, huge tents accommodate a lot of people and poor ventilation leads to extreme humidity and discomfort within. However, with Ozark Trail 12 room Tent you don’t have to worry a bit about ventilation. Relax and enjoy and let the rejuvenating nature calm your mind. There are 3 oversized windows with shaded porch to ensure ventilation suits the cabin-like structure of the tent.


This tent is the ultimate go-to option for all family camping plans especially in summer as the ventilation facility is well suited for it. The fabrics are polyester 68D coupled with a 600mm waterproof rating which may not be the best for rainy season but suits quite well if you are expecting somewhere between no to light rainfall. The steel poles add to the stability and make sure the tent is sturdy.


There are 6 small gear pockets where you can store all the small and important things that you are likely to lose on a trek or while camping. This includes flashlights, sanitizers, gloves, sunglasses, mosquito repellents, etc. Make full use of them but don’t try to overstuff it. The tent already has enough storage and the storage pockets are just an ideal add on so you don’t lose things. Imagine what it would be to lose that mosquito repellent on mountains. The tent is more of a family camping tents with right center height to move around.


A screen room is what every camper is looking for. Though it may seem like just another room, it comes with a double-layer structure sheltering you from scorching heat and full protection from insects. The screen room is double the size of the normal room and has a big inverted T shape doors. The door even has a zipper making it detachable just in case the weather is nice and you want to enjoy it. It is floored exactly like the other two rooms and comes with a huge mesh. Ozark Trail 12P Instant Cabin Tent is among the best tents with screen rooms. This is surely an added feature that every camper likes.


A huge tent that has 3 rooms yet is easy setup and is certainly a paradise for the campers. All one has to do is follow simple steps and the tent would be up, straight and erect in 2 minutes or so. The tent comes with telescopic poles that are pre-attached to the tent. This saves your time and effort. It is extremely simple to follow. The process can be done even faster since there are more than 2 person. There is a minimal fly which can be added anytime you want by simply clipping it with the poles. It is not over just yet. There are 6 guyline points to help you stake the tent to the ground. If the internet is accessible, the tent even comes with port points. Imagine all of those facilities and no fatigue. You don’t want to take all the efforts while camping and then spend another two tiring hours in setting up a tent.

  • BEST FOR 6-8 Person Tent

Though technically the tent is 12 people cabin the floor area left post setting up is not fit for 12 people. Usually, one room is used as a storage room and the other two rooms are used for other activities. The screen room can be used as a drawing-room in the evening. Overall, the tent seems ideal for 2 families who can get a bit of privacy. It is also fit for 6 to 8 friends on a trip and each room can be occupied by 3 to 4 people. The cabin and the room like structure also help if people of all genders are staying together as they can get some privacy. Ozark Trail 12P Instant Cabin Tents is most often used by six to eight people at a time.


There are other tents that may slightly differ in features, size, capacity and dimension but may fulfill the purpose. After all, one should make the buying decision only after careful consideration of all the other alternatives that are available to them. There are lot of times when Ozark Trail 12 person room instant cabin tent is not available. So we have made effort to put some alternative that you can hang on. Here are a few alternative big tents that can be used.

Eureka Copper Canyon 12P Cabin Tent 

This tent has about the same floor size but is lighter in weight and more in height. This may seem a more ideal option due to extended storage capacity and larger floor area. However, this one only has two rooms. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it is not an instant set up cabin making it less favorable especially for those who are first-time campers and those camping with their families. However, the tent is a free-standing and well ventilated one.

Core Lighted Instant Cabin 12 

The Core Tent comes with an inbuilt LED lighting which is its unique selling point. However, not all Core Tents are lighted. It weighs significantly more than the other two tents mentioned above but has a larger floor area. The Core Lighted Instant Cabin Tent comes with 3 rooms and two doors. The best thing about it is that it is an instant set up tent with a larger area than Ozark Trail Tent. There is an e-cable port and has 7 windows ensuring ventilation and comfort to the campers on site. Certain variety even comes with one dark room to help you sleep comfortably even during day time. However, even this tent is ideal for summer only.

There must be several other alternatives for a big tent. There is usually a trade-off between weights and living spaces. The rest of the features may more or less the same. Always check for the season you would be camping in. Besides, choose the trade-off with careful consideration of what is relatively more important. Looking at the alternatives and the features, Ozark Trail 12P Instant Cabin style Tent does seem a good option.


The product has a fairly good rating by various campers and retail customers alike. On Amazon, the rating is 3.6/5 with 45% of the people rating it 5/5. On account of features, ease of set-up and ventilation has 3+ rating on a scale of 5. There are no complaints concerning the product quality and there has been very positive customer feedback. Here is a review of an actual user.

I had what I thought was the same tent about 6 years ago, so I had a pretty good idea what I was getting. However, I was shocked to find that the poles now come attached to the tent. This makes setting up the tent and taking it down much easier and I was even able to get it back in the carry bag

  • Amazon Customer


Camping is supposed to be rejuvenating, delightful and pleasant. If you are an avid camper who loves enjoying the summers with scenic beauty and a bit of comfort, or you often camp with your family, Ozark Trail 12P Instant Cabin Tent is your best go. The center height is good enough to walk around. It is spacious, well ventilated, gives you some privacy coupled with adequate storage and the ease of set up. It is ideal for 6 to 8 people in the summer season. Remember to look for options and make a wise choice. However, given all the features and facilities this tent has to offer, it is an ideal pick for your next camping plan.

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