If you are in a rush and just want to find out what is best 4 person tent is I’d recommend to go for Big Agnes Copper Spur backpacking tent as the best one.


But, have you ever compromised on your bucket list for the reality of life?

I know your answer! Living our lives negotiating and bargaining between exorbitant dreams and pocket-friendly ordinary schedules, we all had struggled to find the middle ground.

Every newspaper article, every celeb interview and every elder’s advice you hear will conclude that ‘Life is too short’ and strangely we preach the same or not but we advise the younger generations the same thing.

Your mind will create illusions but don’t fall in the trap of tomorrow. Trust me, it’s uncertain!

The same old timetable of waking up, sitting in the office cubicle, work-related human interaction and reaching home dead-tired – one day made me realize that between all the insignificant attractions I am losing a part of me! Rather what I did was to take charge to complete my wishlist. Without exiting the cubicle - slowly but gradually! And now I am an expert in fitting my backpacking and camping vacations into the daily rigmarole of life. Sometimes traveling is fun with buddies, partner-in-crime and other times it’s just ME!

Spreading you the real information, I gained through my camping trial and error experiences – I wish that while stumbling to earn the living, we all find a way to travel and experience different livings and don’t forget to tick-off things from your ‘bucket-list’.


The most important criteria for a contented vacation are not your travel buddies rather it is a comfortable stay. Hassle-free accommodation and relaxed space for the outdoor camping trips are like a cherry on the cake – looks irrelevant but completes the entire look.

4-person tent perfectly fits 4 sleeping mats side by side. But, if you are planning a camping trip with 4 buddies, this tent might feel a bit uncomfortable and jammed packed! Four-person tents are perfect if you are planning a camping vacation with your partner and two small kids or with 3 friends, this gives you little space to move around in the tent.

NOTE – If you are planning a camping stay vacation for more than 3 adults, I would advise you to upgrade to a 6-person tent.

Best 4 person Tent we discuss in this Article







For your comfortable camping experience, I am lending you my personal favorite list of the best 4-person camping tents which I made after many research and experiences. Strongly recommend you consider these while choosing your home away from home.


Reliable is the word that defines Big Agnes Copper Spur tent. Checking off all the boxes from your ‘consideration’ list, this tent makes sure that your stay is comfortable, content and practical.

Light as a feather, Big Agnes Copper Spur tent weighs 5 lbs. and flyweight fabric folds it down to small 5*21 inches pack. Don’t be surprised when this weightless tent protects you from harsh weather. The ultra-durable and waterproof floors rainfly and polyurethane taped seams will come to your rescue during rains. Delivering the easiest and safest outdoor accommodation, Big Agnes Copper Spur tent transforms the camping experience.

Understanding your requirement of storing gears and knick-knacks, Big Agnes Copper Spur tent also provides ceiling storage, mesh pockets, media pockets and large vestibules. One of the lightest tents available in the market, Big Agnes Copper Spur tent also offers proper ventilation for a comfortable stay.

Once you travel with Big Agnes Copper Spur tent, it will become No. 1 favorite for your future camping, trekking and climbing expeditions.


  • The packed tent weighs only 5lbs which makes it easy for you to carry for your backpacking adventures
  • The waterproof polyurethane-taped seams and flooring keeps you sound and safe during harsh weather conditions
  • Easy set-up process
  • Massive ceiling storage and mesh pockets for storing travel gears
  • 2 doors and a proper ventilation system for better airflow and comfortable stay


  • Expensive than normal tents
  • The lightweight fabric is not suitable for harsh winds

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The Coleman Sun Dome Tent is the best pocket-friendly tent for small families and beginners. Large floor space is perfect for comfortable movement in the tent. Prominent brand in the camping world, Coleman is largely known for delivering comfort to the campers. The 2 windows and a ground tent help in maintaining the temperature of the tent during your expedition.

Also, the Coleman Sun Dome Tent is designed with excellent waterproof properties which will surely protect you during rainy seasons. Weighing around 4lbs, the tent also offers awning and mesh pockets to store your gears. One of the best budgeted 4-person camping tents also offers electrical access port for easy flow of electricity.

FUN FACT – It only takes 5 minutes to set up the tent singlehandedly. Now, what more can you ask from a tent!


  • Spacious dome tent with large floor space
  • Advanced venting system and rainfly helps in proper ventilation
  • The water-resistant fabric and the welded seams keep water outside during the rainy season
  • Available electrical port to run power in your tent
  • 5 minutes set-up process
  • Lightweight to carry for short backpacking adventures


  • One door to enter and exit the tent which restricts motion
  • The steel stakes are not suitable for strong windy weather

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Setting up Coleman instant 4-person cabin tent is like opening an umbrella. Designed from 150 D Polyester, this tent offers weather Tec system which includes patented welded floors and inverted seams. This inbuilt system helps you stay dry during rains and keeps the tent strong during extreme wind and rain.

The whole Coleman instant 4-person cabin tent comes in one layer which means that it does not offers any rain flies. With a height of 4 feet and 10 inches, the tent offers comfortable movement in the tent.

Large enough to fit 1 queen-size bed and weighs around 10lbs., the Coleman instant cabin tent perfectly fits your demand list for a 4-person camping tent.


  • One minute instant set-up saves your time and energy
  • 3 large windows are responsible for proper ventilation and comfortable stay in the tent
  • The frame and weather Tech system makes it strong and sturdy during unfavorable weathers
  • The height of the tent makes enough space in the tent for easy movement
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Only one door for entry and exit which makes movement restricted
  • Considerably heavy to carry on your backpack trips
  • Poor ventilation during rains
  • No rainfly

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If you are looking for a tent to fit your small family, then this is for you. Kelty Grand Mesa is a waterproof, lightweight and spacious robust tent which will become your best companion for the expeditions. Designed from fine quality waterproof polyester, this tent is appropriate for 3 seasons.

Weighing only 6lbs, Kelty Grand Mesa is suitable for backpacking as well as car camping. The full mesh body tent offers great ventilation for a comfortable stay. Kelty also offers you 14 sq. ft. vestibule and storage pockets to accumulate your adventure gears.

The best part of this tent is that it is easy to set up and pocket-friendly. Now, who doesn’t like to save a penny and still win some brownie points!


  • Fine polyester and welded seams keep it water-resistant and block water from entering during the rainy season
  • Best suitable for 3 kinds of weather
  • The lightweight of the tent makes it easy to carry around
  • Offers better airflow and proper ventilation
  • Vestibule and storage pockets make it easy to store gears
  • Aluminum frames hold it strong during harsh weathers
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy set-up and break-down process


  • The ventilation system doesn’t work properly during rains
  • One door for both in and out which restricts the free flow of movement
  • The frames are not suitable for harsh windy weathers

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The Alps Mountaineering Taurus tent will not disappoint you during your stay in harsh environments. Guarding you against severe rain and storm, this watertight tent holds a large space to accommodate 4 persons.

Weighing around 11 pounds, Alps Mountaineering Taurus tent is not for your regular backpacking trip but it is an outstanding option for car camping. Also, the color-coded frames guide an easy setup process. It is designed with welded floor seams that protects you during heavy rains in the wild.

This 4-person tent also comes in handy while storing camping gears because it comes with 2 vestibules and ample storage pockets. It is one of the best tents when you are camping in a remote area.


  • Spacious interior for 4-person
  • Sufficient storage pockets and vestibules to store camping gears
  • Easy ventilation through zipper mesh windows
  • 2 doors for better movement
  • Wielded floors and seams makes it durable during harsh climates


  • Expensive from other 4-person camps but worth it
  • Later you might need cover underneath the tent
  • Not suitable for backpacking

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My experiences have taught me that investing in a quality camp is directly proportionate to stress-free adventure. Buying a best 4 Person tent demands you keep in mind a few requirements before you jump in and come to the final conclusion.

Listing down below are few important points you should consider while ordering a best 4-person tent.


The most common mistake people make is not considering the weight of the tent.

The tent baggage will block you from fully exploring and appreciating the adventure. If you are planning a car camping adventure than this may not hold much importance but if you are a backpacker and love to explore the wilds on a solo camp – THINK TWICE!

But, just like me if you are unsure about your future plans for car or backpack camping – take the middle ground. Invest in a tent that weighs up to 10 lbs. and save yourself from regretting later.


You cannot trust the sun or clouds. It will only take a flick of a second for your whole adventure to convert into a BT. Saving a few bucks and compromising in the quality is a big no-no.

Instead, invest in a Grade A tent which is robust and weather resistant. These tents will help you fight bad weather conditions such as heavy rains or terrible winds.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. So make sure that your camp is designed with fine resources and offers high-density.


You don’t want to sit in a humid camp with your friends all sticky and sweaty. Proper ventilation cannot be ignored while buying a camping tent. Your tent will trap heat inside. So, make sure that the tent has as much mesh as possible for comfortable airflow. Also, check to have proper rain fly ventilation.

Keeping in mind and not eschewing these small but relevant points will make your trip content and memorable.


You don’t want to spend your one-night camping adventure just setting the tent. While buying a best 4-person tent always consider both the possibility of traveling alone and with friends. This will help you shortlist the least complicated tents with short setup and assembly processes which will save you more time to enjoy and explore.


Though all 5 4-person camping tents listed above are my personal favorite and best for different situations, still keeping in mind my best experience – I will rate 5 stars to Big Agnes Copper Spur 4-person tent.

Innovative, practically well-designed and robust characteristics make it a great companion for every expedition. From comfortable stay to feather-weight, from ample storage to the proper ventilation system, this ultra-durable waterproof tent has been my knight in the shining armor during many harsh weather conditions while camping in the wild.

It’s true to say that this tent has changed camping experience and hits the list of best-camping tents for many camper’s future camping, trekking and climbing expeditions.

But if you have a different favorite, let us know which tent hits your list?

Also, a gentle reminder – Don’t hang your bucket list!

As much as you can!


Camping is Fun activity but it also comes with so many backdrops. Hahaha You know what I am talking about. Stinking tent after camping is a pain in the ass. I understand tent smells like Vomit. Let’s look at How to clean a tent that smells in a more efficient way.

Sometimes even after eliminating mold and mildew, the tent still smells. It is often seen just by deodorizing the tent also eliminates the smell. But trust me that is not the effective way of cleaning. The process of deodorizing should be such that the tent must be kept in water and then apply the solution. But Knowing how the tent starts stinking is the first step.

Table of Contents

How does the tent start stinking ?

The first that comes to mind is to start scribbling the tent in hot water. But even before that you should know what are the causes. It often seems the moisture gets stored in a seam allowing Mold & Mildew to grow. You need to check if someone left food in the tent ? Is your tent smell because of moisture


Mud and its particles- I am sure that is not the supplier of your smell in your tent. But it is really important to remove those. Firstly you should remove it from shelter

Mold and Mildew

These are basically 2 fungi which are really an issue. These Fungi needed to be dealt within a reasonable time limit.
This is one of the main reasons how you get the musty smell out of a tent.

This Fungi is an issue since it can also be spread-ed in your house. One of the disadvantages of going out for camping.


Polyurethane Coating Breaking Down (PU)

PU coating is applied on the inside and outside of the tent. It acts as a waterproofing agent for the tent.

When it starts breaking down it creates foul odor more or less like urine or vomit. It usually break down You can check out our How to waterproof a tent

How to clean a tent with Mold ?

We are going to talk about various best methods to cleaning the tent with MOLD. So you can have a great outdoor experience.
Drying the Tent and Air out the smell

Before even you start using the sponge and soap. Let it air out the tent in a well ventilated area. Tent Cleaning can be done in various ways. Some of the idea's to clean your tent smell in the best possible way.

Natural Method- Keeping the tent in air

Usually I use a clothes rope to hang the tent. If you don’t have that, spread the tent over the back of 4 chairs or tables. So that the air can freely move around the tent.

Make sure that the Forest dirt is out of your tent and keep the tent 2-4 days. Most times dirty odor simply flies off in the wind. If you have completed your wash then use this method.

It is advisable to keep it for a day more. Any moisture built can lead to foul smell/ mildew and the complete process has to be repeated. Using warm water with different combinations is a necessary substitute for killing odor causing bacteria.


Cleaning With Lemon Juice

Lemons contain citric acid which is really a great component that even cleanse our system. A simple formation of warm water, lemon Juice, and distilled white vinegar.

One of my favorite ways of cleaning the tent. However smelly the tent soaks it into the solution with lemon juice and vinegar, it washes out all your foul odor and even it kills mold and mild.

Soaking the tent in the mixture of lemon juice, vinegar, and water. Then you need little scrubbing if there is strain on the tent.

Cleaning With Dish Soap or hot Soapy Water ie Liquid soap

It is one of the best ways to clean the tent pitch. Use a mixture of unscented dish soap and cold water solution to scrub different areas of the tent with a non-abrasive sponge.
Once completing from all sides of the tent fabric, push down using a pole support accessories and stake off to the side.

Before storing make sure the tent is dry. One of the most important campers tip. It is advisable to use unscented dish soap. The reason is quite simple, lingering perfume will attract mosquitoes and unwelcome visitors in the wild.

Alternatively - during my research came also mild detergent soap could be use in applying on the dirty areas of the stinky tent.

The Odor eliminator Bath - Mirazyme

It is seamless to say that using vinegar mixture cannot always kill the mildew and mold that lies in your tent.

As you are doing hand washing. It is really nice to clean tent fabric with enzyme cleaner also.One of the most popular techniques - a shortcut used by campers using (formerly Mirazyme) enzyme based odor cleaner for cleaning the whole tent

It kills most of the odor producing bacteria, algae, mildew and mold through a combination of microbes and enzymes.
Initially I was really skeptical about it but after using it once I became a fan. I used more as additional resources to clean the tent fabric.

Alternatively you can use disinfectant like reviver pro cleaner, Lysol and create a solution.

Post Cleaning Treatment

Once you have completed the cleaning activity. It is advisable to take these treatments before stepping out for an outdoor trip.

Few additional waterproofing techniques after cleaning is necessary to increase the life and quality of the shelter. Tent waterproofing is already done in the manufacturing unit. So new tents will not require it.

Seam Sealing

We have gone really in deep in our post waterproofing a tent. Seam are the various different points where 2 pieces of cloth meet each other. So before using any brush or spray cover every stitch connection in the tent.

But it is really necessary to consult the manufacture of the product before trying out any of the methods.

Waterproof coating/ UV protection

Along with sealing the seam, you may also consider waterproofing the complete tent and rainfly. I personally prefer Kiwi heavy duty repellent and Nikwax ( water and solar proofing) as compared to any other brand.

It will do the most important things waterproofing the tent and protect the tent from UV light from damaging.

Bug Treatment - Permethrin

I really hate the bugs, mosquitoes, bees, flies, fruit flies in my shelter. It completely spoils the experience of the outdoors. After cleaning I always treat the tent with Permethrin.
Not recommended for socks & underwear. The chemical helps to repel all kinds of pests.

The application of the same only lasts for 6 weeks. It is a life saver for going out for a trip Before doing this treatment make sure you are taking all the precaution for personal protection.

Things to Avoid

You should never wash your tent in the washing machine. It is really tempting to put the beast in the washing machine. Usually tents are sensitive to detergent
The tent is not made for spinning and tumbling. The fastest way to remove waterproofing of the tent is to use a washing machine using harsh detergent.

Avoid using scented soap to wash the smelly tent. Usually we think if we use the scented soap it will help to eliminate the tent odor. But it does not work like that.

Hand Washing is to be avoided.

Pro Tip

Before going for the trip make sure 2-3 weeks back you open the tent. Check if the tent is suitable for the camping trip.
Using Revivex odor eliminator- one of the best ways to deodorize the tent.

Deodorize can be effective when your tent has developed a funky smell of a cupboard. Unpack your tent and hang it in daylight giving it a spray. General fabric deodorize can be useful for odor elimination.

To keep the tent fresh during your backpacking trip. You can see condensation happens overnight on the rain fly and tent floor. In order to break this chain of smell and headache of cleaning, hang it in fresh air and sun and let it dry.

Make sure you don't roll your tent at any point with moisture build up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the inside of my tent?

Immersing your full tent inside the water would be enough to give the interior of the tent a general cleaning.

How to remove PU Odors from Tents?

For Removing Polyurethane coating- You can also create a mixture of isopropyl alcohol, hot water and drops of soap with spray bottle or bowl. Gently scrub the coating off. Apply the new coating of PU and also apply talcum powder in the sticky areas. Keeping the PU coating intact is really important. Use a soft brush for the activity.

Usually Older tents have the issue of polyurethane coating removal smell which is really very stinky.

Do u love camping in hot weather, I do being a camper I really understand Why it is important to have Best Tent Air Conditioner.

There is nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable while you are camping. The best way to avoid the heat is by having a good air conditioner that can help keep your tent cool. This article will discuss my top 10 reasons why this air conditioner is great for camping, and how it will make your next trip more enjoyable!

Well we need to know whether the campsite is powered with electricity or not. But in case the there is no no power there are many options in battery-operated appliance available in the market. A tent air conditioner probably the most effective solution for camping out in summer.

After my tones of research came across the review of people and consumer rating report. Even before choosing the brand you must know what are the brands  that should be your 1st choice.

As per consumerreports.org when they measure the difference between a portable vs window AC unit. Their test chamber of around  90° F to 85° F. The average time taken is 20 minutes to cool the tent. Comparison to window AC unit can cool the same in about 15 min or less.

Window ac tent

So probably the portable unit are not that bad. 3 brands showed up the max Honeywell, Frigidaire and Whynter- earn a Excellent top rating for more reliability. They tested the same with their own members who are extremely happy to recommend their AC unit. The number was not quite high, with most other brand having mediocre rating.

Table of Contents

 Staying Cool

If the camping day is hot then even the open tent can be very suffocating. After a long whole day outdoor adventure of trekking and hiking can be very exhaustive for the body for a great sleep.

Hot stuffy tent will keep you awake till late night and exhausted next day. The heavy vigorous activity of a forest does affect your body temperature. Cooling the body in night is a must for regaining energy for next day. Staying cool is very much necessary for a proper sleep.

There are many way to keep the tent cool without air condition- you can check out our post on how to cool a tent without electricity. Cooling a tent without electricity cannot guarantee a effective sleep in night.

Our Pick

For Window AC-

For Portable AC-

For Battery Operated - Zero Breeze Mark 2

Don't Worry if its not available in Amazon. We have tried and covered the alternatives also.

How much Cooling do you need ?

Well tent neither has a electric power nor a centralized cooling system. For the tent to be cool 2 things are needed either a electric hookup at the campsite or a air condition unit that is battery operated. Minimum 5000 BTU rating is required for keeping the tent cool. Anything lesser then this won't be helpful. The bigger the tent the more BTU u need.

Usually seen in battery operated tent run with 12 volt batteries having a life of 10 hours as low as 40W. These units weight approximately 15 to 80 lbs but their efficiency is no way close to their weight. Though Weight is important only from the portability point of view. In my experience some air condition unit keep the temperature cool as low as 35 degree Fahrenheit just for a hour and other will hold as long as 10 hours, it really depends on the model you choose.

In woods the temperature dips considerably in night. So AC unit actually doesn't require to maintain a consistent temperature. Once the tent is cool enough you can comfortably sleep, the air condition can use less cooling power because the cool temperature outside will keep the tent cool.

How to select How much BTU (British Thermal Unit) is needed ?

12-14 Person - Space required is 180-220 Square Feet - 10,000 BTU
8-10 Person - Space required is 120-160 Square Feet- 8000 BTU
4-6 Person- Space required is 60-100 Square Feet- 5000 BTU

What are some of the battery operated tent air conditioner?

1. Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable (Mark 2)

Being a regular camper it is really worth investing on the quality products. Choosing from your tent to sleeping bag, tent stakes etc. Having fun in camping boils down to right choice of equipment. The Air Conditioner is not an exception. Camping in tents whether summer or winter, it can really get sticky and humid inside the tent. Zero Breeze Mark II is perfect match for the camping nomads. 

One of the most highly recommendation when it comes to Battery Operated Tent air conditioner. Zero Breeze is highly innovated with cutting edge technology achieve great result. It is not cheap but the best alternative to look for.

Zero Breeze cools a area of about 40 square feet or you can 3 person tent. You may not be aware of the history of Zero Breeze. This gets better then Mark 1 which was designed for 2 person. With the latest technology the Zero Breeze has evolved it is ideal for a large tent now.

The Air Condition unit is 2300 BTU quite powerful compared to the size. Almost double then Mark 1 which was 1100 BTU capacity. This model is upgraded and almost doubled to 24V micro-compressor and it also allow multiple charging options.

When it comes to performance everyone is impressed by the upgraded model of zero breeze. It is leak/drip proof and it also comes with gravity drain system. It also comes with dual hose function.

Initially in Mark 1 only single hose venting system was only used. With double hose its a game changer the hot air is pushed inside the device and converted into cold air. Unwanted hot air escapes form the back of the unit.

While others have given this system 6/10, we believe its more like an 8/10 when it’s used for camping. We cannot compare this with anything else in the market. It is great pain relief for the small campers.

Others may rate this system low but for it more likely to be 8/10 when it comes to camping outdoor. It is a great relief to small-sized tent, campers or RV. Remarkable feature of zero Breeze mark 2 is that it comes with a portable generator that is just mind blowing.

It comes with extended 30 days money back guarantee and 1 year warranty so need to worry when you purchase from their website. You must check out some of the regular discounts at zerobreeze.com

2. Zero Breeze Portable Air conditioner (1100 BTU)

Zero Breeze is one of the most portable Air conditioner who is looking for staying cool when they are outdoor. It usually take 4 steps to set up. It comes with 2.5 rating with more then 25 reviews.

The plus point of this unit is it comes with a fun, USB charger, Bluetooth Speaker and LED Light. It is lightweight and small enough to carry.

It is weighed only 12.8 pound easy to carry and charge it

3. Bucket Breeze

Bucket Breeze a cooler fan using frozen gel as the source of cooling. The gel with be frozen upto 10 hours. It is 175mm fan which pulls air inside the bucket, it is cooled in heat exchange with the gel.

It run on double-A batteries (8 batteries are required) or could be used on AC adapter. Recommend to be use with rechargeable batteries as it will be drained in 10 hours.

There are no other features included. No remote control  You only get 4 gel filled canisters. You need to purchase your own batteries to run the bucket breeze.

Only 75 square feet closed off room or less is suitable. You need to put more gel canister or adding more cooling power. You can even use ice bag instead of gel canister. The unit is already small so you should not expect that it will cool large room spaces such as garages or sheds.

A camper tent or a small RV could use bucket breeze to keep you cool during the afternoon when the sun is at its peak or overnight. Since it operates with only 175mm not producing much noise. It is 2.5 rated with over 3 reviews.

4. IcyBreeze Cooler Chill package

Not recommended and not reliable as more of a electric portable air conditioning unit. Going for a off- grip camping adventure then I am sure Icy Breeze Cooler would be the right choice for you.

It runs with 12V battery and approximately runs for 7 hours. As long as you have the access of ice and water you can enjoy the IcyBreeze Cooler. It comes with varieties of colors and a wall charging unit along with car charger adapter. It could be hooked up to electricity and that makes it possible to run even when the battery is dead.

Major drawback is it doesn't comes with removable battery. So you cannot even swap it with a back up battery and keep enjoying the AC unit. Worse part is you need to move the whole unit for charging instead of just the battery in the car.

When it comes to performance it cooling is minimal power and cannot be compared with actual AC unit. I tried using it in one of my camping trip and found it more suitable for someone with no electric option.

5. Life Smart Indoor/Outdoor Cooler

It is battery operated and cheaply available. It comes with 2.5 star rating over 45 reviews. It is advertised as it can cover upto 500 square foot but testing it shows it is not worth the deal.

It is helpful for outdoor and dry spaces. Why would anyone would like to have moisture in the tent. The only cool part is that it is battery connected and one of the 12V alternative air conditioner.

6. Tripp Lite Portable Cooler

It comes with 3.5 Star rating above 250 review. It is more and less like a old computer Destop

What are some of the Window AC for Tent Camping

1. Frigidaire Mini Window Air conditioner

We cannot recommend enough about this air conditioner. It is the best over the quality ratio. Nothing could beat this bad boy. There are more 4k review's of 4 star rating on amazon. See it for yourself how it is one of the best wall mounted AC

During our research for selecting the AC unit for our trip. We were not able to move our eyes from this age old best wall mounted air conditioner. It is compact unit for a small sized tent.

It comes with 5000 BTU, it doesn't seems much but with little tricks to your canvas it can be really very effective and efficient for cooling the your tent.

It comes with a remote control and some essential features like delay start and stop or low-power startup. A perfect choice for a campsite. It is ideal for 4-6 person tent. It comes with built-in dehumidifier that will automatically get rid of condensation. Any bigger then that you might need to consider a powerful air conditioner.


2. HOmeLabs 

A amazing alternative to Frigidaire well if ur tent has a vent for a window unit for a air conditioner then HOmelabs is perfect for you in next camping experience. It is just 37 lbs and easy to travel with unlike other heavy and bulky AC. It is quite and reliable and compact. It is much more effective and affordable tent cooling option for smaller areas.

It comes with 4.5 Star rating over 1.3 k reviews on amazon. But it slightly more noiser then Frigidaire AC which is around 60 dBa level. So not that enough for your neighbors to complain of loud noise. I am sure they may be jealous if they didn't get that along.

This AC unit is ideal for tent with 150 square feet. Good for atleast 4 adults sleeping comfortably. It is quite effective when it comes to cooling. It takes about 15 min to be more chilled. The only downside is that it doesn't comes with a remote control.

Another down side extension cord cannot be used (outdoor or indoor). Cord comes with 6 feet long. Direct power source hookup need to be closed for setting up HOmelabs window AC unit

3.Tao Tronics Air Conditioner

It comes with 4.5 star rating above 200 review

Alternatively you can look at Portable Cooling Device

1. Honeywell HL 10CESWK portable air Conditioner for Camping 

The AC unit is designed to keep it inside the tent. Initially i have chosen this since it is quieter then Frigidaire but then it reduces my tent space. It comes with 4 star Rating over 1.5 k review on amazon.

Honeywell is not that cheap but still comes with great quality. There are different variants that comes from 10,000 BTU to 14,000 BTU. It works beautifully

It has a modest look and you can operate it effortlessly. I would personally recommend it, if you have enough space inside your tent.

2. Black + Decker Portable Air Condioner 8000 BTU

Black & Decker comes with 4 star rating over 3 k Reviews and one of the amazon best choice. It comes with 8000 BTU so suitable for 4-6 people only.

It is about 83 lbs and it is necessary to be stored upright. It takes enough space in the tent too so it is be considered for packing in ur camping trip. I love the unit having doubles which works not only an AC unit but also heater in tent. This really makes it ideal for camping in both place whether its hot and cold night.

It is excellent choice for a commercial tent but only if setup correctly. It is not as great as window AC's as shown in CRC report also. Best suited for large tent spaces because it is noisy but that much that you cannot sleep and it doesn't required drained.

3. SereneLife 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Looking for a portable Air conditioner. It comes with a heater. Alternatively you can consider this option it comes with 4 star rating over 3 k review on amazon. I am sure you enjoy camping so you must consider this an option too.

The Air Conditioner is heavy and the exhaust hose need to run outside the tent. And 110-120 V - with 30 amp outlet is needed. The great news this kind of connection is available in most state park, commercial campground and national park too

Usually the air is pulled in by the unit. The portable AC unit uses refrigerant to remove heat from the air. It also condenses moisture out once the coil is cold. You should know heat is exhausted through the hose; cooled and dehydrated air is blown inside your tent or RV.

Don't forget the hose need to be exhausted outdoors- or from a zippered entrance.

4. Rosewill RHPA - 18001 Portable Air Conditioner, 8000 BTU

It comes with 4 star rating over 300 reviews

5. Haier HPND14XHT

It is a excellent choice for larger tents. For people camping 4-6 person - not atall a good choice, it would be too much for the same. It comes with 4 star rating over 80 people reviewing on amazon.

It usually comes with 14000 BTU combined with heating mode and well it is quite powerful (Approx 10,000 BTU) heating capacity. It can cool upto 600 feet.

If you are a 4 season camper. I don't see a reason for you for not checking this out. You should make it sure that you can transport it.

6. EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner 12000 BTU

It cools upto 425 square feet. Comes along with programmable timer of 24- hour, caster wheel and remote control. It is rated 4 star rating over 500 reviews on amazon.

It comes with 3 modes cooling, fan and dehumidification. Interesting part is it runs with water and also with electricity. cooling coolants are not required. Extendable hose is also provided for drainage. There is a beeper which allows us to know about the empty water reservoir.

There is a adjustable digital control which also comes with remote control for more comfort. Surprisingly it also comes with window kit for mounting on the walls of tent. It also comes with cabon filter that removes all foul odors and small debris to stay cool inside your tent

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a tent air conditioner?

There are varieties of AC units available for tents. Options are endless such as evaporative cooler, powered fans, room AC, ice chest blowers, and window AC. Usually it is seen the temperature drops post-midnight. So the selection of AC should be done accordingly to the climate. Some of the Best air conditioner are combination of these features.


This is so common to understand portability and convenience to carry for camping a must look into factor. AC units needs to be moved a lot during camping. Lighter the better it is. A bulky AC will make it difficult to move around.

Power/ Cooling capacity

The unit should be capable to give a cooling effect in a closed space. It should be powerful enough to maintain the same the temperature the whole night. Alternatively there are cooling fans with battery pack for outdoor activities. And the power cord should be long enough.


Very important factor to consider for a budgeted trip. Though not so important as other factors like feature, durability etc. Reasonable price is a must factor for buying best AC unit. We have covered it all.


Compact the AC unit the better it is. If it is too small then it will cool the specific area only and if it is too big then you will feel very cold. You should understand how much BTU you should need first. 5000 BTU capacity is for a good-size family tent. There are 3 common sizes 5000 BTU, 6000 BTU and 8000 BTU.

Window or Portable Room AC

Basically only two types are available Room AC and Window AC

Room AC are easier to setup though bulky and occupy space in the room but easy to setup. And they are also convenient for house also. Window ACs are superior in terms of cooling. They are more equip to exhaust air only through the windows only. It helps to create more space in the room.

How to use an Air Conditioner in a tent?

Make sure you are pitching the tent in the shade. If you really can't find the shaded place, place the tent toward east to block the tent for most afternoon sun.
If you really cannot avoid the sun. Buy a heat reflective coating with the tent or use a  Bushnell Shield Series 15' x 9' Instant Cabin Tent series

Can You Put a Portable Air Conditioner in a Tent?

You need consider 2 things before putting air conditioner inside your tent. One is ventilation and other is air flow. A 12V powered AC will not require any additional Ventilation then one already built inside the tent.
When to comes to electrical units- it will definitely require outside ventilation so it requires to be place outside of tent only.

Sealing Your Camping Tent Air conditioner for 4 weathers

It is advisable to seal you ac port with simple boot sleeve. You can use simple nylon riptop fabric cheaply available very easy to seal and cut. The fabric is lightweight, airtight and waterproof. Using duct tape or Fabri- tac. Not recommended to tape the actual boor or gluing the air conditioner. Alternatively you can use bungee cords for covering the fabric. You can also hunt for more types of ac boot or buying a tent with ac port.

Roof top tent air conditioner

It really look cool to have a hanged up tent AC unit on the roof. But it becomes useless if its too hot. Lots of question start arising connection with power supply, cord placement, light weight roof top ac etc . Technically there is no such light product that could be used.


Are you planning a summertime camping trip? Looking for a family tent that fits everyone and meets all your needs?

Then read on. The Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent is a great pick for summer camping trips.

Last year I was looking for a large family tent for a camping trip with my friends. That’s when I came across this Coleman Evanston Tent. While I did not buy this tent, it did make it to my top 5. One of the best-selling 8 person tents, it is well-reviewed by its users, is large and durable and is extremely affordable.

Table of Contents


Camping with family & friends is a great activity- not only for passing time but also bonding and making unforgettable memories. Whether you are trekking in some high mountains or just spending quality time outdoors on a camping site, your tent is your home away from home.

Picking the right tent is extremely crucial for your outdoor expedition especially when traveling in a large group. You need to assure that everyone’s needs are met and they are comfortable on the trip.A few basics to look for in any tent are the material, durability, waterproof-ness, and weight. There a few additional features to consider when buying a tent for a large group or a family tent.

The Right size

The first thing you need to determine is how big a tent you want. This obviously will depend on the number of people in your group. However, you must always upscale, meaning, if you are four people, get a tent with 6 person capacity. Why? Well, this will ensure that you all can stay comfortably. The excess capacity will provide extra space for storage and moving around.

Number of Rooms & Layout

While smaller tents have just one main room, large tents usually have room dividers. This is to give privacy if someone needs it. It also makes it easy to keep the things in the tent organized. The tents may come with extra vestibule are which is great for storing gear and other essentials.


A must-have feature of a large tent is multiple doors. There should be at least two door. It just makes it more convenient to get in or out of the tent. Say someone is resting or sleeping., you can use another door to enter without disturbing them. It also provides extra ventilation if needed.


The more the number of people, the more the ventilation needed. Always look for tents with windows, roof vents and other ventilation features. It will ensure that insides of your tent do not get very hot and adequate airflow is maintained.


Coleman has a proven track record of providing high quality outdoors solutions and shelters. Innovative design, functionality and affordability- three things you will always find in Coleman tents. The Evanston screened tent is no different.

The large family tent has one main room with an additional screen room or porch area which makes for a great lounging area. The screen room can also be used for sleeping using sleeping bags, making the tent a good option for large groups.

The tent is bug-proof is which is extremely important in an outdoor stay, especially when camping with kids. The tent is extremely easy to setup. It takes not more than 15 minutes, which is perfect as it means more time to relax and enjoy.

The tent features Coleman’s patented Weathertec System which keeps the tent dry and safe even in the heaviest rainfalls or storms.

In all, this is a solid family tent that mixes durability with functionality.


Type Freestanding Dome style

Capacity 8 People

Dimensions 12ft. x 12ft.

Height 6ft.

Weight 24.5 lbs

Pack Size 28” x 11” x 10”

Warranty 1-Year limited warranty




Let’s dive deep and fully analyze the key features of the Coleman Evanstons 8 Person Tent.


The 12foot by 12fot tent is large enough to accommodate a small family or a group of friends. The extra screen room is a crown jewel to this beautiful tent. Whether you are car camping with kids or have an extended outdoor adventure with friends, the Coleman Evanstons tent is a go-to outdoor solution for campers looking for that extra space and comfort.

The screen room makes for an excellent porch area to lounge in while enjoying the seashore winds or the whimsical woods. In addition to lounging, the screen room makes for great storage space and makes for an additional sleeping deck.

Covered on all sides with un-see-um mesh, the tent is bug-proof which means you can enjoy your adventure without the insects and mosquitoes biting. A bonus of the screen room is its floors. This means you don’t have to fear insets crawling on to you from the ground when you use the porch to sleep.

You can easily attach the rainfly or screen in the porch area when sleeping. It will give you privacy if you want it, plus protection from rains in case weather is not in your favour.

However, if it is a clear night with pleasant weather, then you can enjoy a comfortable night under a sky full of stars.


When it comes to setting up the tent, the Coleman Evanston is designed in a way that setting up is fairly easy and intuitive. Coleman claims this free-standing dome tent takes not more than 15 minutes or even less if you are an experienced camper to setup.

Even if you are a new camper, you can easily use this tent. The manufacturers provide you with a detailed manual with the tent. All you have to do is follow the detailed guide on how to set up the tent and you are good to go. The tent comes with colour coded poles and continues pole sleeves making the setup process super easy.

The tent breaks down as quickly as it is to setup. So when you are ready to head home, it will break down and pack easily and rather quickly.

This feature comes in super handy when camping with kids who can be impatient and fussy. It also is extremely useful if there is a storm approaching or there are sudden strong winds and you need to set u the tent quickly. You can have it up and going in no time and enjoy your stay rather sooner than later.


No matter how big or small the tent, proper air ventilation allowing good airflow and minimum moisture is a must-have feature in every tent. The Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent is one of the best tents when it comes to ventilation.

The tent is immaculately designed to ensure maximum airflow keeping the tent interiors cool and pleasant irrespective of the temperatures outside. The tent has 4 large windows with extended awnings and mesh walls along with Veriflo ventilation system keeping the tent cool and pleasant with no-closed in feeling. Everyone will be comfortable and the stay will be enjoyable.


The Coleman Evanston is a heavy-duty next-gen camp gear made with impeccable attention to details. The tent body (cover and rainfly) is made of high-quality 75 denier polyester taffeta which is coated with 50mm of polyurethane material providing insulation.

The bathtub designed patented floor is made of rigid 1000denier polyethylene that not only protects against uneven and rocky surfaces but also prevents the water seeping in through the floor.

Coleman Evanston Tent uses 11mm heavy-duty fibreglass poles along with pole sleeves giving the tent a dome structure. The poles are strong and provide robust support to the entire structure.

The polyester used to make the tent is extremely durable and long-lasting but at the same time very lightweight. Overall the tent is designed and engineered to withstand medium to strong winds and harsh heavy rainfalls. The high-quality material ensures that the tent remains stable and sturdy in unfavourable conditions and does not disrupt your outdoor adventure.


Water-resistance is an imperative feature for any tent especially in monsoons or when camping in areas with unpredictable weather. The Coleman Evanston uses Coleman’s patented Weathertec system which is an intelligent and superior waterproofing system. It keeps the inside of the tent dry even during a heavy downpour.

The waterproof rainfly provides the first layer of protection against rains. The Weathertec system keeps the moisture out and interior dry.

All tent zippers are covered with leak-proof fabric to ensure no water can come in. Taped seams and weatherproofing coated joins increase the tents weather resistant capabilities.

To further eliminate the water from entering the tent, the stitches are inverted seams and the floor made from patented waterproof material is welded.

Additional details like extended window awnings and guy-out triangles g=take the weather resistance feature a step ahead.

The tent poles are designed to give the tent a strong frame to withstand heavy downpours and gusty winds. TO be extra cautious you can always use waterproofing spray-on.

Trust me, you will not regret buying this tent even in harshest of weather conditions.


A mention-worthy feature of Coleman Evanston Tent is its portability. The tent presents absolutely no troubles while carrying the tent.

The tent comes with a deluxe carry bag that easily stores the tent and makes it convenient to carry it around. The tent weighs 25lbs (11.1kg) and its packed size is 28” x 11” x 10” making it quite easy to carry or store.

The portable packed size makes it very easy to transport in any vehicle without taking up much space. It is a great option when vehicle camping.


Affordable- The tent is fairly well-priced for the features, size and quality of the tent.

Electricity access port- The tent has an e-port that can be used to charge electrical devices and for some lights in the tent.

Tall centre- The tent has a center height of 6ft which ensure easy movement and manoeuvring.

Interior storage pockets- The walls of the tent has storage pockets which help in storing small items and keeps things in the tent organized. 


The average customer rating of the Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent is 3.9 out of 5.

This is a good rating in my opinion. Most people said that the tent is spacious and roomy. Almost all reviews raved about the screen room or the porch as a great lounging area and an excellent way to spend the night stargazing. A lot of campers used the tent is heavy rainfall and appreciated its weather resistance which is one of the main features of the tent.

However, quite a few people complained that it took them a little time to setup. But the same campers also said it was or would be fairly easy to set up the second time.

Overall customers stated that the Coleman Evanston tent made their stay quiet comfortable and enjoyable even in harshest of weather. They stated they find the tent value for money and would highly recommend it.


Are you still unsure about Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent? Well here are few alternative 8 person tent that you can check-out to get the tent that meets all your needs and requirements.



In our opinion, Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent is an excellent choice for family camping trips or large group camping. It is a high-quality tent that is durable and functional. It is weather-resistant, portable and user friendly.

The highlight is that even after all these exceptional features it is extremely affordable and hence we give this product a high buying rate and give you a go-ahead for all your family camping trips.

Are you planning a recreational camping trip with your family? Or a summertime trekking expedition with your buddies?

Then you surely are looking for a bunch of camping gear and items, and a tent is most definitely in your “things-to-buy” list.

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is a blessing for group campers looking for an instant camping solution or outdoor shelter.

If you want a large, spacious and easy-to-setup tent for your family’s adventure, stick with us.

We are going to analyze this tent in-depth- the good, the great and the flaws!

Table of Contents


Before we jump into a detailed review of the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent, let us look at factors to look for in a large tent

Like any other camping item that assists you to make your trip a happy adventure, a reliable tent makes your stay comfortable and safe. This small guide will help you in comparing your options and making an informed decision to get the right tent to meet your needs.

Check for the material the tent is made of. Ensure that it’s a high-quality material that is not prone to easy wear and tear. Apart from body, check what material poles are made of, for a strong frame ensure the tent is sturdy. Look for quality of zippers, check the seams as well as the fly.

If you are buying a family tent or a large tent, you clearly are looking for a tent that can accommodate at least 4-5 people, sometimes even more. A rule of thumb when buying large tents is to always upscale- meaning buy a tent larger than your need. Say, you are looking for best tents for 4 people and get a 6 Person tent. This will ensure that you have enough space for storage, moving around and sleeping comfortably.

A point of consideration in large tents is the number of doors. Sounds odd? Well, it's not. More the people in a tent, more the number of doors needed. This comes in handy when someone is say sleeping and you want to move in or out without disturbing them. Trust me, you don’t want to be tumbling and falling on each other when entering or leaving .

If you are camping with kids or friends, always look for tents with rooms. This will help in ensuring anyone who wants privacy for say, sleeping or changing can have it. Also, check the layout of the tent. For example, if you have young kids, you might want rooms next to each other, so you can keep an eye on them or remove the dividers if needed. You must look for vestibule area too- it comes handy when you need extra storage space for your gear or an area to keep you mudded shoes and clothes.

Tent with proper ventilation is paramount for a good camping experience. You don’t want to wake up to everything being damp and wet. Look for tents with large windows, roof vents and mesh openings. In addition, also check for a rainfly to keep the rainwater out but still maintain airflow within the tent.

The idea behind camping is to enjoy nature in its true form. And well nature can be quiet unpredictable. The weather can change in minutes. It can go from a bright sunny day to a gloomy rainy one in no time. Hence, when outdoors you must always be prepared. So it is a must that you get a waterproof and leak-proof tent that can keep you dry and safe even during a downpour. It should have a rainfly, should be made of waterproof material and all seams and corners must be properly sealed to keep the water from entering the tent.

Now that you know what you a family tent should have, let’s review the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent to decide if it’s the right family tent for you or not.


The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is a cabin-style with two rooms. It is an instant setup tent which means the poles are pre-attached to the tent body (fabric). All you need to extend the unfold the tent, extend the poles and fix up in the right places.

It is a single layer tent with an inbuilt rainfly. The tent is made from a heavy-duty 150D material which makes the tent extremely durable and strong. It also uses the Weathertec system making it waterproof and safe for use in case there are rains.



Coleman is a pioneer brand providing you with quality and innovative outdoor solutions and tents. The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is a blend of innovative design and modern technology. The large tent with two rooms is ideal for a family camping trip. Though it is an 8 person tent it can accommodate not more than 4-5 adults at a time. If there are kids, you can probably fit in 2-3 adults and 3-4 kids at max.

The tent is a great entry-level tent. Its ease of setup makes it a great option for people who are new to the camping world or don’t go camping for more than 2-3 times a year in moderate weather conditions.





Space is a significant issue when camping in large groups, especially during family camping trips. Adults want a space to relax while kids want to play and have fun.

The Coleman 8 Person Tent is ideal for such a situation. It measures 14 by 10 feet and is very spacious. It can easily accommodate two queen size airbeds without crowding the area. So if you are a large group who doesn’t wish to split up, then this is worth the investment.

With a room divider, the tent can be converted into two separate rooms. This comes handy when you want a separate area for kids to play so they do not trouble the adults. Privacy is, of course, an additional benefit of this feature.

This is a cabin-style tent with a centre height of 6ft and5 inches, which is a great height for a tent. So even you are taller than average people you don’t need to scoot or bend, you can stand and move around comfortably.


Having a reliable tent when camping outdoors is a must to keep yourself safe and protected in unfavourable situations. While a tent is a temporary dwelling for your outdoor adventure, it still needs to make you feel secure.

The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is designed with patented Weathertec system which utilizes welded floors. This keeps the tent dry by preventing the groundwater to seep in even during rain.

Additional features like inverted seams and zipper cuffs, further eliminate the water from entering the tent and keeping things dry inside.

However, the tent is only water-resistant and not entirely waterproof. While it can shelter you in drizzles and mild rainfalls, you might get swamped in water puddles if there is a heavy downpour.

I would recommend you get an additional rainfly for added protection and to make the tent fully waterproof. It comes with an option to buy with a rainfly or you can get a separate rainfly.

This, however, makes the inside of tent unpleasant as there is no roof vent for ventilation.


One of the strongest features of The Coleman tent is its quality and strength. It uses high-quality durable material- ensuring it lasts years and providing you with the value for your money.

It is made from a thick and rugged Polyguard fabric that protects it against wears and tears. The fabric is 150D, not many tents use that or have this durability.

The tent poles too are made from heavy-duty steel. The main poles are 16mm and roof poles are 12mm. Most tents on the other tent have fibreglass poles which are not more than 11mm.

The tent has a strong frame and rugged fabric. It can thus withstand strong winds easily.

The only downside to this is that all this heavy-duty material increases the tent's weight and makes it slightly difficult to carry or transport.


An ill-ventilated tent can leave everyone feeling trapped and uncomfortable. This is the last thing you want on your trip. Luckily, this Coleman tent uses innovative design and good engineering to ensure proper ventilation.

Seven large windows and two doors with mesh panels assure you that there will be proper airflow in the tent and condensation will not be a problem.

The tent is perfect for summertime trips. The screened doors and windows keep you cool and let the airflow even in warm weather and also offer a great view of your surroundings. Oh, the screens and mesh also ensure that the tent is bug-free and no insects or mosquitoes spoil your getaway.

The tent, however, can be inconvenient and stuffy during rainfalls for you will have to close the panels and doors. This will restrict airflow. Further, there are no mesh or vents on the roof and you need to add rainfly separately which only makes the situation worse.


Setting up a tent for the very first time can be a struggle. Or if you are someone who occasionally goes on camping trips and has long breaks between the trips, then each time feel like “first time”. As mentioned earlier this Coleman tent was built for new campers.

You will be surprised how easy it is to set up this large cabin-style tent. The tent comes with pre-attached poles within the tent walls making setup and breakdown of tent a child’s play.

The manufactures provide a 3-step guide to set up this tent. All you have to do is unfold the canvas, expand the telescopic poles and fix-and-lock the poles in the right places. Voila! Your tent is ready for occupation.

The whole process takes not more than 5-minutes.

It is equally easy and quick to breakdown and fold back the tent.


It comes with its own carry bag making storage and transportation of tent super easy. The carry bag is also expandable which makes packing up the tent very convenient and quick.

The carry bag can easily fit in a car’s trunk or can be comfortably carried on shoulders.


The Coleman family tents has some great features and is a high-quality durable family tent. However, if you are a frequent camper or are looking for a tent that works in all-weather condition, you might want to check out some alternatives.

Here is a list of great alternatives for the Coleman 8 Person Tent that you can consider:

This spacious, extremely easy to pitch, and set up tent is just like Coleman 8-person tent. An awesome mesh ceiling that makes it perfect for stargazing makes it a bit different from Coleman.

Coleman Evanston 8 person tent is best to serve big families and groups as it is an excellent choice and can be easily carried throughout the camp. Requires more maintenance than Coleman 8 person tent, but this tent gives a very comfortable and capable home in the outdoors.

The Browning Bighorn Tent is a superior quality tent that keeps you dry even on rainy days. Slightly expensive than Coleman 8 person tent, this product is also made to last and withstand harsh environments, and just like Coleman gives you enough shelter in the woods.


Camping with family is a great bonding and rejuvenating experience. It helps you reconnect with friends, family, nature and yourself. The Coleman 8 Person tent can ensure that you and your family safely enjoy this adventure.

With exceptional features like two rooms, quick setup facility, great height and modern design, The Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is a great entry-level tent and definitely a great bargain.

However, it is a summertime tent and maybe quiet redundant without an additional fly. Also, the tent has no vestibule area and only two storage pockets on the wall. This means all your gear needs to store in the main tent area or you need an additional tarp to keep it protected outside.

So if you are a new camper looking for a hassle-free good quality tent, go with the Coleman 8 Peron Instant Tent. We promise you will not be disappointed.


If the thought of camping and adventure pumps you but you are too lazy to be breaking your heads over what tent to buy, here is an article that sure will guide you to your delightful camping and tenting experience. Most of us, often love to go on these camping tours with friends and family and setting up multiple small tents is tiresome as it is boring. Rather the idea of staying in one huge tent seems more exciting. That way, you can ensure no fatigue and more fun. It is extremely popular and if you are looking for something along these lines, Ozark trail 12 person Instant Cabin Tent is just the right pick for you.

Table of Contents


There are some key factors that you must surely take into account before buying a tent. Firstly, count the number of people who are going to use a tent. A large tent can accommodate somewhere between 7 to 12 people. You don’t want to congest yourself after an exhausting trek. Make sure that the space is sufficient for the number of people who are going to sleep in one setting. Secondly, don’t forget to carefully look at the steps to set up the tent. Some huge tents can be extremely difficult to set up and bulky to carry. It should not take an army to set up your temporary home. Look for instant tents. As the name suggests, they can be tied quickly with relative ease and comfort. A lot would also depend on the people who are going to the camp. If there is a group of naïve and first-time trekkers, the tenting experience could be unpleasant.

Take into account the weather during the camping months. Different materials are suited for different weather. You don’t want to end up in a water puddle in the middle of the night. Think of the conveyance. Don’t fall for a tent that fits perfectly with your needs but is bulky and huge. Make sure that carrying it to the site is as easy as it could get. If 10-12 people are going to use one tent then be sure to account for ventilation and storage. Usually, big tents come with enough windows and pockets but scrutinize personally to avoid mishaps later. These are a few of the things you must specifically look for. There are plenty of comforts you give up while camping, and don’t let your accommodation be one of them. Always look for a sale. Big Tents can be particularly pricy and if you aren’t a regular camper, it would cost you even more.


Ozark Trail 12 Person Cabin Tent is the most ideal family tent if you are traveling with a group in nature. It is literally all in one roof. Whatever you are looking for, Ozark Trail Tent ha got it. It is sturdy, well ventilated, and spacious. Out of all the 12 person tents, there are, this is certainly the most preferred for various reasons. With a sleeping bag capacity of 12, this tent comes with 3 separate rooms 2 doors. That is one of the reason to be called 3 room instant cabin. Before going for the trip do check tent stakes.

It is 20ft and 10ft in dimension with a height of 80 inches. To add to all of this, it is an instant tent that takes under 2 minutes to be erected. This tent is a haven for the nature lover as it comes with oversized windows for you to enjoy the scenic beauty in a chilly or rainy environment.




The tent comes with 3 room dividers that give you more privacy. While camping with a group of friends and large family, the adults can occupy one room playing cards and sipping tea and the kids can take another gossiping and playing fun games. The third room can be used for storage. If there are 3 small families, each can take one room. Any camper would want a room like structure with some privacy as opposed to a tent where they have to sleep together like in a dorm. It is more or less like a family camping tent. The cabin style is such that air mattress can be easily accommodated.

The tent has huge mesh windows on all sides so ventilation cannot be a problem. More often than not, huge tents accommodate a lot of people and poor ventilation leads to extreme humidity and discomfort within. However, with Ozark Trail 12 room Tent you don’t have to worry a bit about ventilation. Relax and enjoy and let the rejuvenating nature calm your mind. There are 3 oversized windows with shaded porch to ensure ventilation suits the cabin-like structure of the tent.

This tent is the ultimate go-to option for all family camping plans especially in summer as the ventilation facility is well suited for it. The fabrics are polyester 68D coupled with a 600mm waterproof rating which may not be the best for rainy season but suits quite well if you are expecting somewhere between no to light rainfall. The steel poles add to the stability and make sure the tent is sturdy.

There are 6 small gear pockets where you can store all the small and important things that you are likely to lose on a trek or while camping. This includes flashlights, sanitizers, gloves, sunglasses, mosquito repellents, etc. Make full use of them but don’t try to overstuff it. The tent already has enough storage and the storage pockets are just an ideal add on so you don’t lose things. Imagine what it would be to lose that mosquito repellent on mountains. The tent is more of a family camping tents with right center height to move around.

A screen room is what every camper is looking for. Though it may seem like just another room, it comes with a double-layer structure sheltering you from scorching heat and full protection from insects. The screen room is double the size of the normal room and has a big inverted T shape doors. The door even has a zipper making it detachable just in case the weather is nice and you want to enjoy it. It is floored exactly like the other two rooms and comes with a huge mesh. Ozark Trail 12P Instant Cabin Tent is among the best tents with screen rooms. This is surely an added feature that every camper likes.

A huge tent that has 3 rooms yet is easy setup and is certainly a paradise for the campers. All one has to do is follow simple steps and the tent would be up, straight and erect in 2 minutes or so. The tent comes with telescopic poles that are pre-attached to the tent. This saves your time and effort. It is extremely simple to follow. The process can be done even faster since there are more than 2 person. There is a minimal fly which can be added anytime you want by simply clipping it with the poles. It is not over just yet. There are 6 guyline points to help you stake the tent to the ground. If the internet is accessible, the tent even comes with port points. Imagine all of those facilities and no fatigue. You don’t want to take all the efforts while camping and then spend another two tiring hours in setting up a tent.

Though technically the tent is 12 people cabin the floor area left post setting up is not fit for 12 people. Usually, one room is used as a storage room and the other two rooms are used for other activities. The screen room can be used as a drawing-room in the evening. Overall, the tent seems ideal for 2 families who can get a bit of privacy. It is also fit for 6 to 8 friends on a trip and each room can be occupied by 3 to 4 people. The cabin and the room like structure also help if people of all genders are staying together as they can get some privacy. Ozark Trail 12P Instant Cabin Tents is most often used by six to eight people at a time.


There are other tents that may slightly differ in features, size, capacity and dimension but may fulfill the purpose. After all, one should make the buying decision only after careful consideration of all the other alternatives that are available to them. There are lot of times when Ozark Trail 12 person room instant cabin tent is not available. So we have made effort to put some alternative that you can hang on. Here are a few alternative big tents that can be used.

Eureka Copper Canyon 12P Cabin Tent 

This tent has about the same floor size but is lighter in weight and more in height. This may seem a more ideal option due to extended storage capacity and larger floor area. However, this one only has two rooms. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it is not an instant set up cabin making it less favorable especially for those who are first-time campers and those camping with their families. However, the tent is a free-standing and well ventilated one.

Core Lighted Instant Cabin 12 

The Core Tent comes with an inbuilt LED lighting which is its unique selling point. However, not all Core Tents are lighted. It weighs significantly more than the other two tents mentioned above but has a larger floor area. The Core Lighted Instant Cabin Tent comes with 3 rooms and two doors. The best thing about it is that it is an instant set up tent with a larger area than Ozark Trail Tent. There is an e-cable port and has 7 windows ensuring ventilation and comfort to the campers on site. Certain variety even comes with one dark room to help you sleep comfortably even during day time. However, even this tent is ideal for summer only.

There must be several other alternatives for a big tent. There is usually a trade-off between weights and living spaces. The rest of the features may more or less the same. Always check for the season you would be camping in. Besides, choose the trade-off with careful consideration of what is relatively more important. Looking at the alternatives and the features, Ozark Trail 12P Instant Cabin style Tent does seem a good option.


The product has a fairly good rating by various campers and retail customers alike. On Amazon, the rating is 3.6/5 with 45% of the people rating it 5/5. On account of features, ease of set-up and ventilation has 3+ rating on a scale of 5. There are no complaints concerning the product quality and there has been very positive customer feedback. Here is a review of an actual user.

I had what I thought was the same tent about 6 years ago, so I had a pretty good idea what I was getting. However, I was shocked to find that the poles now come attached to the tent. This makes setting up the tent and taking it down much easier and I was even able to get it back in the carry bag


Camping is supposed to be rejuvenating, delightful and pleasant. If you are an avid camper who loves enjoying the summers with scenic beauty and a bit of comfort, or you often camp with your family, Ozark Trail 12P Instant Cabin Tent is your best go. The center height is good enough to walk around. It is spacious, well ventilated, gives you some privacy coupled with adequate storage and the ease of set up. It is ideal for 6 to 8 people in the summer season. Remember to look for options and make a wise choice. However, given all the features and facilities this tent has to offer, it is an ideal pick for your next camping plan.

Adventure Should Not Always Include Stay At Inn Sometimes You Need To Try Something New. Like Living In a Forest Or At a Hill Top In A Tent . The Experience Of The Real Adventure Where We Enjoy Nature But Are Also Scared . When You Plan Something Like This You Won't Look For Some

Hard Time Consuming Ideas For Stay. So Here Comes The Basic Rather We Should Say The Thing We Have a Heard But Never Thought Of Staying Up Like That . Yeah You Are Right There Comes “Staying Up In a Tent. Here We Get Ample Of Different Types Of Tent But I recommend Pop Up Tents.

Table of Contents

Why A Pop Up Tent?

A Pop Up Tent Is Also Called Instant Tent. These Tents Are Very Easy To Use And Are Also Less Time Consuming. I Personally Recommend You This Tent. They Come With A Unified Pole Design Which Can Fall But Still Remain Intact To The Body Of The Tent. As Compared To Other Complex Tents They Have A Semi Rigid Frame Which Reduces The Setting Up Time For The Tent.

What Is A Pop Up Tent?

A Pop Up Tent Is A Tent Which Is Very Lightweight. There Is No Need Of Instructions Or A Guide As It Can Be Set Up In Seconds. A Pop Up Tent Is Self Supporting And Constructs Itself .

Now You Will Be Confused With Different Types Of Pop Up Tents. Here I Am Here To Consult You On The Same,

Check out our detail review of our Tent


1.Gazelle Pop-up Camping Tent

Less Time, Then This Tent Is Best For You It Will Set Up Within 90 Seconds . It Is Lightweight And Also Waterproof. It Is Manufactured From 210 Denier Fabric . This Is A Nylon And Polyester Fabric And Also It Has A Removal Bathtub Floor For Cleaning.

It Has 2 Doors And 6 Windows With 2 Large Internal Storage Pockets With 4 Wall Pockets. Sometimes The Weather Gets A Bit Rough So To Secure The Tent And To Provide Rigidity We Have Guy Lines. This is Most Rated And Trusted Product. So It Provides You Option For Obstacle Free Camping Experience.

Some Features Of The Product

These Zippers Get Strayed(Damaged) So They Must Be Durable. Because We Won't Enjoy Much With Broken Zippers. Thus We Use Strong And Reliable Zippers. To Make Our Adventure More Joyful Without Any Obstacles

Sometimes Our Tent Floor Gets Filled With Sand Or Dust At That Time We Can't Clean It Up By Upside Down. So Here We Have Removable Floor With Extensive Tap And Lock

As Our Tent Gets Up In Second So To Resist Them From Strong Winds We Have Made Them With Metal Hubs And Fiberglass.

These Tents Are Waterproof And Water Resist. Also We Can Remove The Roof Side To Have A Peaceful View Of The Stars Upright.

2.Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

This Pop Up Tent Is Made From Heavily Water Resistant Polyurethane Coated Fabric. This Tent Can Be Used In A Casual Manner Too,It Has A Room Up To 4 Persons. It Is Same Lightweight And Also Can Be Used In Extreme As Well As Normal Temperature. Ithas A Vestibule Area For Gear And Dirty Or Wet Shoes So That They Stay Away From Your Sleeping Area.

It has several windows and a “D” shaped door and we have put effort in making the tet waterproof and repelllant fabrics. It has internal storage pockets for our gear and also hook for hanging lanterns or something which is a unique and appreciable feature. During summer you can open the rainfly for ventilation as it has intake vents and mesh ceiling to draw cool air


The product has sealed seams and the rainfly is fully taped. It has water resistant fabric and also rain resistant windows and doors. Basicallyit has a H20 blocking technology.

This camp sets up in 30 seconds which is like no time just open the tent, spread its legs and extend till the pole sets up in position.

To get some cool and fresh air we have adjustable air intake vents and also a mesh ceiling which helps hot air to blow out. It keeps you comfortable in all seasons

3.Coleman 2 Person Pop up tent

This pop up tent has a simple design and has a capacity of around 2-4 Persons. The shape and design of the tent is like a curve structure which is waterproof and water resistant and also it allows water to flow downwards. It has a single door which I think must be two as it has a capacity of 4 persons to make it more accessible.

It has an adjustable rainfly which can be removed as well used for full protection. It also has a waterproof sealer package which is very useful. There are internal storages for gear,equipment and 2 pockets for lanterns. The tent also has a package which includes a sealer which is waterproof. The waterproof feature of the tent is rated well.


The seams are well stitched for better use and inverted seams for weather resistance as we hide needle holes inside the tent.

We have redesigned poles with more wind responsive frames and this tent is engineered to be strong . We have also redesigned guy-out triangles.

We have a thin layer of fabric above the zipper which is called a cuff made up of water resistant fabric which further adds protection to the elements to the door.

It is made up of a water resistant and waterproof fabric using a technology which strengthens the floor of the tent and eliminates the needle holes.

4.Toogh 3 Season Sundome Pop Up Tent

This tent has a different design as compared to other tents. Other tents had spring metal frames which while this tent uses hinged tent poles system which can be retracted and deployed in 60 second. The campers think that it is the best instant tent as it has solid design. If the weather gets worse you may have mist and rain blowing through the openings.

This tent is rated for 3 persons but through reviews the users said 2 adults are enough in this tent . like if you are 2 adults and 1 kid then you may be comfortable. This tent is only suitable for casual weekend adventures because it cannot bear harsh conditions of camping.


To make your night comfortable and peaceful we have 2 mesh doors and windows. These Windows allow cold breeze inside and bug out . The doors make the movement more comfortable.

The 2 mesh doors makes the accommodation easy for 4-6 persons and also you can have fun playing bridge.

The door is ‘T’ shaped for a better and easy movement. It also allows a good amount of airflow with a ventilated route.

To make the tent more stable , secure and effective use nails to firm side poles within 3 seconds after opening the tent.

The tent has a large internal storage and a hexagon shaped bottom. There is much space to accommodate a family of 3-4. Preferably 2 adults with 2 children.

5.Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

This tent has stout construction with an accommodation of 6 persons. For quick setup and strength a tumbler frame is featured in the tent .

In addition to it the tent pops up within minutes and also possesses some more features . The tent provides you a wide sleeping area of around 90 square feet and the height of the tent is around 6 feet .

It is called a cabin tent because it provides you a standing room, this tent can easily surpass the obstacle of wet weather. For waterproof guarantee i recommend you to opt for optional ten footprint and rainfly.

The walls of the tents are vertical because the ceiling of the tent is very high, Which justifies that .you dont’t have to queer in any corner. In shor the tent is like a house with flat walls and ceiling.


When we pack the tent back in the bag which is also expandable and also makes its comfortable for your next journey full of adventure

During wet weathers, be dry and obstacle free with tube like floors with welds and seams which helps in keeping the water out.

The tent setups within minutes because it has preassembled poles. This features allows you to lighten your effort in opening the tent an make your journey more joyful

This technology is called lightfall because it makes your room fully dark . This technology is different from other tents and also it is the most unique feature of the tent. It can block around 90 percent of the sunlight which is a plus point of the tent. This unique feature makes your midday rest more peaceful. It reduces the temperature and all in all reduces efforts which we do to reduce the temperature.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best waterproof pop up tent?

First thing you should understand what makes the tent proof, the coating and the material used in manufacturing of the tent. Check out our guide on Water Proof Tent. It is the elastomer coating which helps in both sunny and rainy weather. It deteriorates UV Rays from sun and also helps rain of the tent to repel water.

What is the Best for the money ?




A lot of us must be planning to have a little outdoor getaway into the woods. But these days one can never trust the weather. The sun might be shining bright upon us with a clear sky at one minute, but before you know it, there could be heavy rainfall. So having your tent waterproofed is necessary to make sure that you’re prepared for any sudden changes in the weather such as rain.

Most of the tents these days are already covered with some kind of waterproofing agent. To make sure that your camping experience doesn’t get ruined due to rain . But, these waterproofing agents can wear out over a period of time which could cause the water-repellent coating to tear up. These tiny little leaks wouldn’t catch an eye until the water comes pouring through it during a rainstorm. The best way to make sure that your tent is waterproofed is to apply a water spray on it. If there are parts in your tent where the water pours through, then you should get it waterproofed. You can apply a water spray from either side (from inside or outside) of the tent and it will give you the same results. Lets check out the best way to waterproof a tent

There are three places a tent leaks- through the seams, fabric and Rain Fly. The following aspects needs to be taken care of to make sure that your tent stays waterproofed throughout your trip:

Well you must be wondering about how to do all these things. So here is a detailed guide to make sure that you waterproof your tent properly before leaving for a camping adventure!

Table of Contents


Most of the tents these days have seals already seamed. So if you have recently bought a tent you have nothing to worry about. Yet, the lamination cover on these seams will wear off over the period of time which will allow the water to pour in during the rain. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that the seams are sealed properly.

Seams are the points at which two pieces of fabric are stitched together. It is the easiest way for the water to enter inside the tent. Sealing the seams is rather an easy task and it shouldn’t take more than 25-30 minutes. It’s the part where you have to let the tent dry which consumes most of the time. One must let the tent dry for not less than 7 to 8 hours.

You’ll need the following things to seal the seams:

A sealant which is suitable for the fabric of your tent. (Different types of fabric need different types of sealant and it is necessary to choose the right type of sealant for your fabric. Make sure that your fabric doesn’t get damaged in the process. Most tents these days come with polyurethane-coated fabric. If you’re not sure about the type of the fabric that was used in the making of your tent, then you must contact your tent manufacturer before buying a sealant.)

A small paintbrush (Usually all the sealants these days come with an applicator but if it’s missing, you can use a paintbrush to apply it.

Once you gather everything you need, you should find a nice spot where you can easily let the tent dry for hours. Waterproofing the tent indoors is better but it can only be done if you have enough space. But, waterproofing it outside is also not an issue. You just have to make sure that the tent can be left out to dry for hours once the process is completed.

Just follow these simple steps:

Shop Seam Sealer from here.


DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent sheds water from Rain Fly. Rain fly is a waterproof outer layer to be pitched above the Tent. The most effective way to spray water on rain fly and if drops of water are seen it’s a sign to apply Durable Water Repellent.


  1. Start by washing Rain Fly and there is no need to let it dry.
  1. Apply Water Repellent Spray on the Tent and leave for a few minutes.
  1. By using a warm cloth wipe off excess spray.
  1. Let it dry before you pack it off.

There are many water repellent sprays available in the market, let’s have a look at Top Picks-

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent-

This is the best water repellent spray which can give two thick coating to a rain fly in a 10.50 ounce bottle. Also it can be used on other items too like Tent Fabrics, Outdoor Gear and shoes. It is available on any store and provides silicone based protection to the Tent.

Nikwax- Tent & Gear Waterproofing & Solar proofing Spray-

This spray serves both the purpose of rain and sun too. This spray also cleans dirt and grime from the material and can also be used on all the products tents, tarps, umbrellas and many others.

Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield-

This product suits well on nylon and polyester fabrics of Tents. This company has given other best seller products like Sticky Notes and Scotch Tapes. It comes in 10.5 ounce cans.

Atsko Silicone Water Guard-

It works for Tent which has been seam sealed. It too comes with a Silicone based protection and comes in 10.50 ounce aerosol. As per product specifications, it takes 72 hours to fully dry the tent so the tent needs to be assembled in a secured area for 72 hours.

Gear Aid Revivex Instant Waterproofing Spray-

Coming from brand Mcnett which also makes a favorite go to product seam sealer comes with silicon based protection and can also be used on paper maps. It comes in 5 ounce aerosol which can only be used in small tents. For bigger tents, 2 bottles will be needed.


Coating can peel off as the tent starts getting old. As soon as you observe flakes on the floor of the Tent or under the rain fly, it shows a need to apply a fresh coat. It works as a barrier to water entering the Tent.


  1. Apply Alcohol on the sponge and rub off the flakes from the Tent.
  1. Let it dry for a day or two.
  1. Take a bowl and pour sealant.
  1. Apply the coating of Tent Sealant on the Tent and make sure to wash your hands quickly as the sealant may contain harmful chemicals.

Things to avoid while Waterproofing-

Frequently Asked Questions-

At what interval Tent need a reproof?

To decide whether waterproofing is needed or not, there are two ways. First is to check whether there are any flakes in the Tent. And the second one is to water spray on the Tent and check whether it gets soaked at any place which shows a sign of reproofing.

How to waterproof inexpensive Tents?

Sometimes we buy camps for Family camping (Also a cheaper one) and we doubt whether it would survive in rainy weather. There is a solution to this also. We can get a basic tarp from a hardware store and hang on to the tent. Also we can use Nikwax Tent & Gear Waterproofing & Solar proofing Spray can be applied to the tent which is affordable and works in both rainy and sunny weather.

How many coats are required?

If we are going camping where there are chances of adverse weather conditions it is always advisable to apply double coating. But take a note let the first coat dry and then apply the next.

It seems it is difficult to take care of a tent and use it for years for many memorable adventures. Don’t worry it is not as difficult as it seems, once you get to know the correct way out it will be done easily. Hope this article has helped you to understand the method and get the best available products for the same. All these efforts will be fruitful as there is no better feeling than to walk down the woods on a rainy day and of course dance in rain.

Happy Monsoon!

The best season for a camping trip is indeed summer, with the benefit of long days and dry weather. But summers come with a drawback of a hot and humid environment, making it challenging to stay in a tent without an air conditioning unit, especially when we try to sleep. Air conditioners for camping in a tent have made camping life more accessible and fun.

Tents have advanced techniques like air coolers or tents with air conditioning ports. So, just because you have to stay in a tent does not mean that one cannot have a super easy experience and enjoyment of being adventurous.

Planning to air condition your tent requires particular vital elements to be ensured to have a tremendous comfortable outdoor experience. Key features to have your tent cool include an air conditioning hole or tents with an AC opening, an air conditioning port, and a reliable power source with an adequate cooling capacity.

Table of Contents

Tent Air Conditioners

To have a camping tent with an AC unit, you have a choice to make from two essential types of air conditioners. First, one being 'A Window AC Unit,' second being 'A Free Standing Air Conditioners.'

Window ac tent

Window AC Unit

Purchasing a small air conditioner is always advisable. The advantage to buying a small ac unit is it can be carried along easily anywhere you move. Choosing the AC with low BTW can prevent the tent from becoming too cold. Since the tent has a small space and is not very insulated, having a large unit to cool can submerge the tent with cold air.

The size of the unit is 16" broad (front view), 12" tall, 14" deep. The aforesaid is the best to choose from. It can be quickly taken along anywhere, having a great camping experience with an excellent air supply even during the summers.



Free Standing Air Conditioners

Freestanding air conditions, also known as Floor Standing Air Conditioner, is also a great option one can go for. This ac does not need any extra space outside the tent and can nicely fit inside. It is a portable unit and is assembled with stockings that work outside the tent.

I love it because it is challenging and does not require a camping tent with any air conditioning ports. No chaos in the camping tent with AC ports makes the trip simpler within the tent. The only visible thing is the AC hose size approx 6 - 8 inches running outside, and it does not require a stand.

There's a perk added in using a Free Standing Air Conditioner, and it avoids two things at large. The first is that it doesn't captivate unwanted attention, and the other is the chances of theft nullified as the portable air conditioner is kept inside the tent.

Our favorite one is  Rosewill Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU, AC Fan & Dehumidifier.



Floor ac in a tent tent

Do You Need A Tent With An AC Port?

A tent with an air conditioner window requires an AC port. So, if you are planning to buy a window AC, it becomes necessary to have an AC port. It also requires a reliable source of power for the air conditioner to work correctly.

There are various ways one can get a port adjusted in tent camping, and it can be via a tent window or any other way. But the suggested option is to purchase a tent having the port in-built in the camping tent.

My personal favorites are the two tents mentioned below having AC ports fixed-

Ozark Trail 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail tent with ac ports and Bushnell Shield with AC ports are recommended and have double ground ventilation. Since tents with AC flaps are already built-in, it makes it more versatile for you whether to go camping with AC or not. You can always choose to close the flap when not in need.

There are also other ways to fix the port in the tent. You are not advised to those who are not good at experimenting with things. But one can still make a hole in the camping tent to fix the portable air conditioning unit. But a warning yet provided once the spot is done you can not get into the originality of the camping tent.

Oh yes! Before it slips my mind, let me remind you, do not forget to sew the seams of the tent material. By sewing, one can avoid fraying, probably the same as done on the window on all sides of the tent.

4 things to look check for a tent with ac port

1.Placement Of AC Port

Best tents with air conditioner ports are generally found on the side of the tent or the ground. Along with this, it also becomes necessary to keep a check that the port should not be above your head.

Your health could be at risk if you place the ac port above the head. Tents with ac ports above the director will lead to cold air blowing directly on the head, which can cause chattering in your mouth.

In a study shown and we all have experience when we feel cold our teeth automatically start chattering. Lower temperature stimulates the nerves of your face, and this chattering causes the blood vessels to contract and preserve heat. This could cause headaches and, in severe cases, can cause a blood clot.

2.Quality Of Fabric Used In Tent With AC Port

Quality is the primary priority of shopping for me. So one thing I check is the quality of the fabric used in the tent. Camping tents have a vast range of materials used that come with various coatings and specifications. The fabrics range from a series of cotton and blends with nylons.

Irrespective of the size, large tents or short, two leading materials used to make the camping tent are Nylon and Polyester. Let's focus on the camping tents with air conditioning ports and understand what's appropriate for a tent with ac ports.

Nylon is a lightweight and portable fabric, and hence it is highly recommended by Hikers to buy. Nylon is not UV-protected or heat resistant material, and it can further damage the tent due to extreme heat.

Polyester fabric swatch

On the other hand, polyester is durable, easy to maintain, and affordable in price for the ones who are budget-oriented. It is ideal for a large family tent that may have large windows, and this fabric restrains breathing. So I would suggest you buy a tent with an AC unit or tents with ac ports or use a portable air conditioner.

The next thing to check is the Denier (D). To measure the yarn thickness, Denier is used, which depends on the weight and the length of yarn or fiber. The thickness of the fabric will depend on the count of the Denier. The higher the Denier, the stronger and better is the tent. It is a standard measuring tool for the weight and thickness of the tent.

For example, 60D polyester is better than 30D polyester, and it is a constructive way to understand the strength of exposure to the sun. Usually, camping tents range from 15D to 75D, and heavy-duty rooftop or event tent top goes up to 150D.

3.Final Electric And Camping AC Stand

And the final touch is that without electricity, your portable air conditioner is of no use. So it's time to work on choosing a reliable source for the supply of electricity, and a dependable basis would give good customer service when required.

Air conditioning units consume too much electricity. So if you opt for solar power or batteries, that would not be of much use to you, and solar power or batteries would not prove to be sufficient enough to run your ac tents.

If you are interested in investing in a window ac, a reliable source of 110 electricity is a must. Also, it would help if you had a stand to support the weight of the window ac. The camping wall is flimsy, so do not expect it to take the importance of the air conditioner.

You can always opt to use milk crates or storage tot. Yet, if you are looking for a professional stand, my suggestion is Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step. It is pretty adjustable when it comes to adjusting the height according to the tent's window.

4.Trial And Error Required When Camping With AC

It would help if you tried the above idea on your camping trips. When working on an air conditioning tent, let me tell you there is no exact science, and you need to go through some trial and error to check what suits you the best. The video below illustrates the types of tents and usage of AC. Check out the same before making any other choices.

How do Put an AC in a tent ?

Summer season suits camping because it’s a sporting event which includes fun which makes us overwhelmed. Like spending a night in the summer makes your experience better. Another reason for camping in the summer season is you do outdoor activities in the presence of sunshine which is necessary.

You need to choose a tents that stays cool in hot humid weather. Certain pointers need to be kept in mind for your tent to make your camping experience peaceful.

Acting as your guide would highlight some of the factors which are required in camping in hot weather along with a few summer camping tents that stay cool and which I have reviewed as best for camping in summer.


Table of Contents


A tent is like a shelter which is portable, easy to manage which includes a canvas and stretchable fabric. It protects you from wind, rain, sunlight and also cold, having metallic poles to give tent the support required.


There are only 4 types of tents

Pyramid shaped

Pyramid tents provide about the same protection as the A-Frame but have a little disadvantage of a pole which is in the center of the tent.

Dome shaped

Dome tents offer stability and are lightweight. They provide comfort, space , heat reduction and a feature of wind resistance and Dome tents also have features like entrance vestibules.

Hoop shaped

Hoop tents are very similar to dome tents, they both offer stability and are lightweight. The main difference is about shrinking, they have less parts and space too.

A-frame shaped

A-Frames are better tents for warmer and less windy regions. They are easy to set up, but they do not feature wind resistance and not very well in keeping the tent warmer as it lacks anchors.


To make your summer tent camping experience more pleasant you need to know what size of the tent is required. If you travel solo then you can take a tent which accommodates you or if you are travelling in a group you have a variety of tents which can accommodate 1-12 persons.


It doesn’t include anything specific. If you know basic features for camping then you know managing camping in the summer season is easy.

Firstly look for a tent which has the best ventilation system for air flow and best for hot weather. Then look for tents that can be easily set up within minutes requiring less effort.

List of Best Summer Tent


Detail Review below



This is one of the best tents for summer camping, a tent from Mountainsmith. One of the most trustworthy manufacturing brands which provides quality hot weather camping gear and best ventilated tents.

These tents are suitable for 2-3 persons. High quality tents made up of Aluminium Yunan poles. These tents are made of polyester and clip pole systems for better air circulation. The canvas tent includes 2 large mesh doors and 3 windows for better airflow in all directions.

It moreover features bathtub floor construction coated with polyurethane which keeps it dry. These tents don't take much time for pitching, so you wont need to spend time in sunshine attaching poles.

Moreover, the materials used in the tents support it during both summer and winter camping. So it is a long term investment for your camping experience.


I. CLIP POLE SYSTEM -The clip pole system increases the breathing capacity of the tent and also these are for lighter weights.

II. INNER STORAGE -This tent includes a floor area of 35 square feets, vestibule area of 17 square feets and a height of 43 inches. They have inner mesh pockets and a removable loft for camping gear.

III. AMPLE VENTILATION- The ample ventilation is the unique feature of the product. It increases the air circulation through its design and mesh doors and windows.





No best warm weather tent option list would be complete without this 4 person coleman dome tent. Coleman is also a leading manufacturing brand and is famous for its camping gear. These warm weather tents are provided with a ground vent for better air circulation.

The tent is provided with a ‘D’ shaped door with large windows increasing the ventilation. As ventilation is must during summer camping this dark technology will eradicate hot atmosphere from the interior of the tent.

The most unique and important feature, dark technology makes it one of the best summer camping tents. The pitching of the tent requires only ten minutes.A rainfly is provided which gives shade patented with inverted seams and weld floors of the WeatherTec system to prevent it from any leakage.

It also includes inner mesh pockets and bags with rip strips for camping gear. Another interesting quality of the tent is durability. The tent frames are strong enough to face high speed winds, which makes them strong enough to face natural calamity.


I.DARK ROOM TECHNOLOGY- The dark room technology is the most unique feature which helps to block 90% of the heat which keeps the tent cool during midday and also at night for better and comfortable sleep.

II.Weather Tec TECHNOLOGY- These are used in the inverted seams which help in preventing leaking in the tent.

III.E-PORT -This feature is new where you can bring an extension cord through the port which provides easy access to power electricity inside your tent. You can use an electric stove instead of a wood stove.

IV.UPGRADED VENTILATION- The ‘D’ shaped doors and large windows help in enhancing the ventilation. The ground vents push hot air out which maintains the atmosphere inside.





These tents are advised for couples or solo campers.Yet again manufactured by a reliable leading brand in the outdoor industry. A quality of material used to make the tent durable.

Additionally, we have 2 large doors. An all-weather tent is provided with a bathtub floor, PU rainfly and is also taped so it protects you from harsh calamity. This tent is equipped with a large vestibule area for storage and small boost gear pockets in the corner.

The tent is very lightweight, can be set up easily and has a sack to carry. The tent is composed of aluminum stakes which helps it to face speedy heavy winds.


I.LIGHTWEIGHT -Usage of lightweight and durable material makes it easy to carry.

II.VERTICAL WALLS- Being well equipped with vertical walls there is an increase in the ventilation and the breathability of the tent.The tents are made of no-see-um mesh material.

III. ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT - The tent is provided with reflective guy lines and aluminum stakes





This tent offers you an option of a 2 or 4 person tent. The tent is equipped with inner mesh pockets and storages for camping gear. The tent has a large door and windows for better ventilation. A quality material is used in the manufacturing of the product.

A no-see-um breathable material is used in manufacturing so it doesn't make the tent sticky and stuffy. To keep you dry in summer downpour and prevent leaks the tent has well taped seamed.

The tent assembling includes color coded clipboard and 2 simple poles so it makes the tent assembling quick and easy. So you don't have a problem of tiring while pitching up the tent.

Another cathay feature of the tent is that it is easily movable, that is the tent is very lightweight. So you can easily find a good and shady spot for your camping.


I.LIGHTWEIGHT - The material used in the tent makes the tent lightweight and so it also make the tent easily movable

II.QUALITY MATERIAL - A no-see-um material is used to increase the tenth breathability

III.INTERNAL STORAGE - The tent has well equipped inner mesh pockets and storages for your camping gear




What are some of the Best For Desert Camping

Check Out our detail review on our 6 person tent article.

Do Look out our detail review on 4 person tent article.

A detailed review of this tent is done on 14 person tent



A quality material is required for your better assistance because you don't know about the place until you reach there. If your tent has increased breathability it will reduce the condensation of water during night while it enhances comfort level.


This scope should be given equal importance. Moreover camping in the summer season will require more efficient room space as the area would be less and the environment will be hot and sticky.

It's in summer so you might need extra space for your outdoor gear and other essentials for fun so I recommend you to buy a tent which has more room for your gear and essentials.


Weight is not an obstacle if you are car camping but for hikers and campers, it's a concern. Because if the weight of the tent is more then it will be difficult to carry it and during high-temperature summers. This would make your camping tireful and sweat.

As we know the weight depends on the material of the tent. Nylon being a lightweight fabric, you should prefer nylon tents over others.


Ventilation should be good enough for the best experience. Best hot weather tents increase the ventilation with these features like tents with tubular vents, large doors and lusty windows with covers depending on your need. This would not only help in good ventilation but can also enjoy nature while sitting in the tent.


Storage is the basic feature required in a tent. So try to find tents which have inner storage for camping gear and essentials because gear tools can't be kept outside your tent. Try finding tents which have larger room space for security of your items.


This feature depends upon how many people are camping. For 2-3 adults you need a quite widespread floor and a minimum height of around 5-6 feet. If there are 2-3 kids then you can go for smaller tents.

For family camping, I advise to always have some extra space for your comfort as we carry a load of stuff with us.


Best tent provides you with the assurance of durability depending upon the material of the tent also on the material of the frame. While selecting your target should be to check durability of the frame not because wear and tear the framesets break, but it's moreover because irreplaceable.

The durability also depends upon the price range of the tent. So if you wanna have a tent with a long lasting life choose wisely considering this can upgrade your budget.


The best tent makes the pitching easier in summer camping. This requires a lot of effort if the difficulty of pitching is high. If the pitching takes time, you need to stand in midday sunlight which will eventually make you feel tired. So i suggest you to choose a best hot tent which is easy and quick to pitch.


Sunshine would make your summer camping experience enjoyable,yet it is harmful. Sunshine can harm you in the form of sunburn or heatstroke which will cause health issues which should be avoided. So look for a tent whose material has UV protection. There are some tents in which they have an elongated area where you can sit outside in the shady part.


The most important aspect is to find a budget-friendly tent. The price range of a tent varies according to the brand, space, and material. If you are looking for temporary camping then you can go for the best-valued tent. If you are looking for camping frequently then you can buy the best of tents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Colour is coolest in hot weather?

White, Silver and other light colors are the coolest in hot weather.

2.How can i keep my tent cool in the summer?

In Summer Camping following necessary thing to check before un wrapping your tent. Check out our post How to cool a tent without electricity

3.What do you wear camping in the summer?

The clothes shoud be such that keeps you cool. All your inner layer should be breatheable specially your Underware and Socks. Outer Layers should be Moisture-wicking t-shirts and shorts. Light weight hat is a must to enjoy your camping.


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