Best Tent WIth AC Ports: Ultimate Guide on How To Air Condition a Tent

Posted On July 2, 2020

The best season for a camping trip is indeed summer, with the benefit of long days and dry weather. But summers come with a drawback of a hot and humid environment, making it challenging to stay in a tent without an air conditioning unit, especially when we try to sleep. Air conditioners for camping in a tent have made camping life more accessible and fun.

Tents have advanced techniques like air coolers or tents with air conditioning ports. So, just because you have to stay in a tent does not mean that one cannot have a super easy experience and enjoyment of being adventurous.

Planning to air condition your tent requires particular vital elements to be ensured to have a tremendous comfortable outdoor experience. Key features to have your tent cool include an air conditioning hole or tents with an AC opening, an air conditioning port, and a reliable power source with an adequate cooling capacity.

Tent Air Conditioners

To have a camping tent with an AC unit, you have a choice to make from two essential types of air conditioners. First, one being 'A Window AC Unit,' second being 'A Free Standing Air Conditioners.'

Window ac tent

Window AC Unit

Purchasing a small air conditioner is always advisable. The advantage to buying a small ac unit is it can be carried along easily anywhere you move. Choosing the AC with low BTW can prevent the tent from becoming too cold. Since the tent has a small space and is not very insulated, having a large unit to cool can submerge the tent with cold air.

The size of the unit is 16" broad (front view), 12" tall, 14" deep. The aforesaid is the best to choose from. It can be quickly taken along anywhere, having a great camping experience with an excellent air supply even during the summers.


  • 5000 BTU unit
  • Can cool upto 150 sq meter
  • Ease of us


  • Makes noise during the rain

Free Standing Air Conditioners

Freestanding air conditions, also known as Floor Standing Air Conditioner, is also a great option one can go for. This ac does not need any extra space outside the tent and can nicely fit inside. It is a portable unit and is assembled with stockings that work outside the tent.

I love it because it is challenging and does not require a camping tent with any air conditioning ports. No chaos in the camping tent with AC ports makes the trip simpler within the tent. The only visible thing is the AC hose size approx 6 - 8 inches running outside, and it does not require a stand.

There's a perk added in using a Free Standing Air Conditioner, and it avoids two things at large. The first is that it doesn't captivate unwanted attention, and the other is the chances of theft nullified as the portable air conditioner is kept inside the tent.

Our favorite one is  Rosewill Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU, AC Fan & Dehumidifier.


  • Low BTW
  • Smaller Size
  • Covers 200 square foot
  • Fully self evaporating


  • Bit noisy
  • Not Battery Operated
Floor ac in a tent tent

Do You Need A Tent With An AC Port?

A tent with an air conditioner window requires an AC port. So, if you are planning to buy a window AC, it becomes necessary to have an AC port. It also requires a reliable source of power for the air conditioner to work correctly.

There are various ways one can get a port adjusted in tent camping, and it can be via a tent window or any other way. But the suggested option is to purchase a tent having the port in-built in the camping tent.

My personal favorites are the two tents mentioned below having AC ports fixed-

Ozark Trail 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail tent with ac ports and Bushnell Shield with AC ports are recommended and have double ground ventilation. Since tents with AC flaps are already built-in, it makes it more versatile for you whether to go camping with AC or not. You can always choose to close the flap when not in need.

There are also other ways to fix the port in the tent. You are not advised to those who are not good at experimenting with things. But one can still make a hole in the camping tent to fix the portable air conditioning unit. But a warning yet provided once the spot is done you can not get into the originality of the camping tent.

Oh yes! Before it slips my mind, let me remind you, do not forget to sew the seams of the tent material. By sewing, one can avoid fraying, probably the same as done on the window on all sides of the tent.

4 things to look check for a tent with ac port

1.Placement Of AC Port

Best tents with air conditioner ports are generally found on the side of the tent or the ground. Along with this, it also becomes necessary to keep a check that the port should not be above your head.

Your health could be at risk if you place the ac port above the head. Tents with ac ports above the director will lead to cold air blowing directly on the head, which can cause chattering in your mouth.

In a study shown and we all have experience when we feel cold our teeth automatically start chattering. Lower temperature stimulates the nerves of your face, and this chattering causes the blood vessels to contract and preserve heat. This could cause headaches and, in severe cases, can cause a blood clot.

2.Quality Of Fabric Used In Tent With AC Port

Quality is the primary priority of shopping for me. So one thing I check is the quality of the fabric used in the tent. Camping tents have a vast range of materials used that come with various coatings and specifications. The fabrics range from a series of cotton and blends with nylons.

Irrespective of the size, large tents or short, two leading materials used to make the camping tent are Nylon and Polyester. Let's focus on the camping tents with air conditioning ports and understand what's appropriate for a tent with ac ports.

Nylon is a lightweight and portable fabric, and hence it is highly recommended by Hikers to buy. Nylon is not UV-protected or heat resistant material, and it can further damage the tent due to extreme heat.

Polyester fabric swatch

On the other hand, polyester is durable, easy to maintain, and affordable in price for the ones who are budget-oriented. It is ideal for a large family tent that may have large windows, and this fabric restrains breathing. So I would suggest you buy a tent with an AC unit or tents with ac ports or use a portable air conditioner.

The next thing to check is the Denier (D). To measure the yarn thickness, Denier is used, which depends on the weight and the length of yarn or fiber. The thickness of the fabric will depend on the count of the Denier. The higher the Denier, the stronger and better is the tent. It is a standard measuring tool for the weight and thickness of the tent.

For example, 60D polyester is better than 30D polyester, and it is a constructive way to understand the strength of exposure to the sun. Usually, camping tents range from 15D to 75D, and heavy-duty rooftop or event tent top goes up to 150D.

3.Final Electric And Camping AC Stand

And the final touch is that without electricity, your portable air conditioner is of no use. So it's time to work on choosing a reliable source for the supply of electricity, and a dependable basis would give good customer service when required.

Air conditioning units consume too much electricity. So if you opt for solar power or batteries, that would not be of much use to you, and solar power or batteries would not prove to be sufficient enough to run your ac tents.

If you are interested in investing in a window ac, a reliable source of 110 electricity is a must. Also, it would help if you had a stand to support the weight of the window ac. The camping wall is flimsy, so do not expect it to take the importance of the air conditioner.

You can always opt to use milk crates or storage tot. Yet, if you are looking for a professional stand, my suggestion is Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step. It is pretty adjustable when it comes to adjusting the height according to the tent's window.

4.Trial And Error Required When Camping With AC

It would help if you tried the above idea on your camping trips. When working on an air conditioning tent, let me tell you there is no exact science, and you need to go through some trial and error to check what suits you the best. The video below illustrates the types of tents and usage of AC. Check out the same before making any other choices.

How do Put an AC in a tent ?

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